SED Permission to Release on Merit E-Transfer Orders of Teachers

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The Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification on 23-01-2023 in connection with permission to release on Merit E-Transfer Orders of Teachers on their promotion, awaiting posting and hardship grounds already under process and commenced with effect from 23rd December 2022 to 26th January 2023. The details are as under:

On Merit E-Transfer Orders of Teachers SED Permission Sought for Orders


It is submitted that in the Province of Punjab, the School Education Department has developed an “online e-Transfer System”. Under this, all promoted teachers are offered postings on merit. Similarly, the orders for teachers awaiting posting as well as hardship cases are also processed through the e-Transfer system purely on merit.

                     On 14.12.2022, the schedule of “e-Transfer applications” was issued (Annexure-A) vide which promoted teachers, teachers awaiting posting, and teachers under the category of hardship were offered an opportunity to apply online on School Information System (SIS) w.e.f. 23.12.2022 to 02.01.2023. As per notified e-Transfer policy, 2022 (Annexure-B), further procedures and steps i.e. preparation of merit lists, and verification of documents completed by 10.01.2023. The time for the decision of appeals/objections by Review Committees is ending on 24.01.2023 and thereafter, posting/ transfer orders of such categories of teachers are to be issued on merit on 26.01.2023.


Promotion of Teachers and Awaiting Posting Orders


                           After decisions of view committees are updated on 23.01.2023 in SIS, posting orders of 3599 promoted teachers to actualize their promotions, 2393 teachers awaiting posting, on hardship basis (widows, divorce, medical ground, wedlock), are to be issued on 26.01.2023 purely on merit basis. Pertinent that if the posting/transfer orders are withheld at such a belated stage, a lot of hue and cry may be expected from the aggrieved, on legitimate grounds. Furthermore, the same teachers after getting their posting orders issued from SIS, are excepted to perform their duties in forthcoming Elections.

  1. In light of the foregoing submissions, it is requested that the Govt. of the Punjab School Education Department may very kindly be allowed to issue e-transfer orders on 26.01.2023.




Permission to Release on Merit E-Transfer Orders of Teachers

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