New latest e-Transfer Policy 2022 School Education Department Punjab

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification on 27-10-2022 in connection with a new latest e-Transfer Policy 2022 School Education Department Punjab.  The details are under:

New latest e-Transfer Policy 2022 School Education Department Punjab Government


I am directed to state that the Chief Minister/Competent Authority has been pleased to approve the ‘e-Transfer Policy 2022’ of the School Education Department (copy enclosed). The objective of the Policy is to develop a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution to the transfer matters of teachers of SED. This e-Transfer Policy is expected to considerably improve transparency, and service delivery and shall go a long way towards the elimination of discretion and possible abuse of authority.

I am, therefore, directed to convey that the provisions of the e-Transfer Policy 2022 shall be implemented in letter and spirit by all concerned.


Main Points to Discuss in New Transfer Policy SED Punjab


  • Procedure for Online Transfer Applications
  • Posting of Newly Recruited Teachers (Merit cum requirement Based)
  • Posting on in-service promotion (Seniority based)
  • Ranking Criteria for Transfers
  • Criteria for Transfer as per Student teachers ratio (STR)
  • Adjustment of Awaiting Posting and Surrendered teachers
  • Adjustments in Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED)
  • Mutual Transfer
  • Administrative Transfer
  • Redressal of Grievances (Review Committee)
  • Validity of System-Generated Orders
  • Opening of Transfers
  • Manual Orders

Ranking Criteria for Transfers


Category Component Marks (Max) Marks Distribution
Open Merit Distance 25









20 Within District

The point-to-point calculation for each KM. (Maximum 20 Marks)

Note 0.4 marks for each KM. The distance shall be counted from School to school i.e. from the school in which the applicant is currently posted to the schools for which the transfer is required.

5 In addition to 20marks, a maximum of 05 marks shall be awarded if the distance is more than 50km(within District)

Note:- 0.1 Marks for each km ( 51 km to 100km)

25 Across District (Inter-District)

Teachers applying for transfer shall be awarded scores as per the following formula.

[{(Tenure + Length of service in Current Grade+ Disability + Widowed / Divorced + Wedlock + Medical) + 75} x 25] i.e. Proportionate of marks obtained in merit out of 75 (Max).

Note: The objective is to allocate marks for distances that are not being awarded in case of inter-district transfers.

    Stay/Tenure 20 02 Marks per complete year at the same post.

Note:- Day-to-day calculation for tenure in present school i.e. (2+365) x No. of days in the year, on top of 02 marks per complete year.

    Length of Service in Current Grade 1 20 02 Marks per complete year at the current grade.

Note:- Day-to-day calculation for length in service in the current year i.e. (2+365) x No. of days in the year, on top of 02 marks per complete year.

    Total 65 (Maximum)  
Hardship Divorced/Widowed / Wedlock/Marriage


15 15 Inter District
10 Within District





15 Disability Certificate issued by the Disability Assessment Board duly notified by the Provincial Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PCRDP)



05 Medical Certificate issued by the authorized Medical Board of the District
Total : 35 (Maximum)
Grand Total 100 (Maximum

Teachers’ Requirements in Schools

Required of teachers for Primary Schools / Portion
Primary (K to 5) Enrolment Range Max. Teacher Requirement in  School (Transferring-in) Min. Teacher Requirement in School (Transferring-out)
1-80 3 2
81-120 4 3
121-160 5 4

Elementary Level Teachers Requirement


Requirement of teachers for Elementary Portion (6, 7 & 8 grade)  
No. of  Sections

(in 6, 7 8)

Min. Required Teachers (ESTs/SESs) based on Subject Group
Arabic Drawing Computer Science Arts/English / General Art/ Oriental / Urdu  / Vernacular Math / Science
3 1 1 1 2 1
4 1 1 1 2 2
5 1 1 1 3 2
6 1 1 1 3 3
                                                     And so on ……..  

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Minimum Requirement of EST/SESE Teachers


Total Enrollment of School Min Number of EST  teachers EST/SESE(Arabic), EST / SESE (Drawing), EST / SESE (Computer Science), EST / SESE (Phy.Edu)
Upto 1000 1
More than 1000 2 or more

Secondary level Teachers’ Requirements


Requirement of Teacher for Secondary Portion ( 9& 10)  
No. of Sections

( in 9 & 10)

Required Teachers (SSTs/SSEs) based on subject Groups  
2 Computer Science Arts / English / Urdu SST Science (Chem/Bio) SST Science (Math/Phy)
3 1 2 1 1
4 1 3 1 1
5 1 3 2 1
6 1 4 2 1
  1 4 2 2
And So On…..

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New latest e-Transfer Policy 2022 School Education Department Punjab





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