How Much Salary Increase LDC / UDC Due to Upgradation 2023?

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I am sharing here the details of the Salary Increase LDC and UDC Due to Upgradation 2023 of the Federal Government clerical staff. Finance Division Govt of Pakistan issued a Notification Upgradation and Time Scale BPS-01 to BPS-16 Federal Employees on 14-02-2023.  The Lower Division Clerks and Upper Division Clerks are lucky enough to get upgradation among all the other BS-01 to BS-16 Employees. Other employees either got one or two higher pay scale fixations or one additional increment.

Salary Increase LDC and UDC Due to Upgradation 2023


The Lower Division Clerks (LDCs) have more benefits from this Up-gradation from BPS-09 to BPS-11 as compared to Upper Division Clerks (UDCs). The LDC has more salary increases while the UDC has fewer salary increase benefits. The main reasons for this difference are as under:


Increase in Conveyance Allowance


The Lower Division Clerk (LDC) will also get an increase in Conveyance Allowance. While there is no change in CA for UDC. The reason for the same is that the CA for the employees of BPS-05 to BPS-10 is the same while BPS-11 to BPS-15 is also the same but with different rates for this category as compared to the previous one.


Salary Increase LDC and UDC Due to Upgradation 2023 due to Enhancement in House Rent Allowance/Hiring


Both UDC and LDC will have an increase in House Rent Allowance and rental ceiling for hiring. The employees in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, and Karachi may get hiring facilities. Those who don’t avail of the facility of hiring in these cities, get House Rent Allowance. But HRA and Hiring are not admissible to the same employee. If the employees are getting hired accommodation they can check the Revised Rates of Rental Ceiling of Hiring 2021 for Federal Employees.


HRA in Small Cities/Big Cities


 I have mentioned in detail the rates of House Rent Allowance in Big cities. However, the rates of House Rent Allowance are less in other cities. The employees are getting less HRA in other cities.


Deduction/Subscription of GP Fund


The other main reason for an increase in salaries of LDC more than UDC is the deduction/subscription of GP Fund from pay bills. The enhanced amount of GP Fund subscription for LDC increased from Rs. 1700/- to 1920/-. Per month. Thus total extra deduction is only 220/-. On the other side, the subscription amount of UDC increased from Rs. 1920/- to Rs. 3570/- per month. Thus the UDC will have to get deducted Rs. 1650/- more amount of the GP Fund. You can see the GP Fund Subscription Rates 2022 after the revised pay scales 2022.


Chart of Pay /Allowances Increase LDC Upgradation


The chart of Salary Increase for LDC Upgradation is as under:




Salary Increase LDC and UDC Due to Upgradation 2023

Pay/Allowance Increase Chart UDC Upgradation


The Chart of the salary increase on the upgradation of the post of UDC is as under:


Pay Allowances Increase UDC Upgradation


Minimum/Maximum Enhancement of Next Above Increment/Net Salary LDC/UDC


Some facts of minimum and maximum basic pay increases, net salary increase, and the next above stage for LDC and UDC are as under:


Minimum Increase in Basic Pay (Next above Stage)


UDC = 20/-

LDC = 90/-


Maximum Increase in Basic Pay (Next above Stage)


UDC = 2510/- (The New Entrant)

LDC = 1230/-


Minimum Increase in Net Salary


UDC = 287/-

LDC = 2303/-


The maximum increase in net salary


UDC = 1787/-

LDC = 3443/-


Salary Increase Estimates for Other Employees (BPS-01 to BPS-16)


The recent Notification of the upgradation and time scale is for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 Federal Government Employees. I have already prepared the general chart of salary increase on upgradation and time scale BPS-01 to BPS-16 Federal employees. You can just get the estimates of the salary increase for the next pay scales to pay fixation. These employees will no more get the allowances of higher pay scales.

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  1. As per para 2 (v) of this OM dated 14.02.2023, “No premature increment shall be admissible on grant of higher pay scale under this dispensation”.


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