Notification Award Time Scale Sindh Government PARA Medical and Supporting Staff

Government of Sindh, Finance Department issued a Notification on 06-04-2023 in connection with Award BPS-01 to BPS-15 Time Scale Sindh Govt Health Department PARA Medical and Supporting Staff. The details are as under:


BPS-01 to BPS-15 Time Scale Sindh Govt Health Department


The employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15 will get the next time scale as per the following time period:


1- 1st TS After 5 Years

2- 2nd TS After 12 Years

3- 3rd TS 19 Years

4- 4th TS 27 Years


Federal Government employees have also received the Notification of Upgradation and Time Scale BPS-01 to BPS-16 but implementation is still under process.


Awarding TS Health Department Sindh


The government of Sindh agrees to allow the award of time scale to the paramedical and support staff of the health department. The finance department government of Sindh proposed the award of the timescale for the isolated and nonpromotional forced workers serving in the health department.


The government of Sindh Pakistan decides to grant Timescale to selected workers of the Health Department. Instead of Regular Promotion Designation of the post Government decides to award a timescale in which the number of Pay Scales changes. This facility is not for those employees who have already availed of benefits. Their higher grade is their incentive.


Benefits of Time Scale


The government of Sindh always wants to provide privileges to the workers of each department working under the provincial government. For this purpose, the Government of Sindh decided to provide a Time scale to the Paramedical and Supporting staff of the health department.  On the award of timescale the selected staff Will receive not only a handsome salary but with the salary.  They will not receive privileges and perks including House Rent Allowance and Medical facilities of a higher scale.


Time Scale Policy Chart


Here Is the detail about each Time-Scale for BPS-01 to BPS-15 employees:



Basic pay scale

Proposed Structure of Time Scale   1st After -05 years 2nd After 12 years 3rd After 19 years 4th After 27 yes
1 BPS-01 BPS-02 BPS-03 BPS-04 BPS-05
2 BPS-02 BPS-03 BPS-04 BPS-05 BPS-06
3 BPS-03 BPS-04 BPS-05 BPS-06 BPS-07
4  BPS-04 BPS-05 BPS-06 BPS-07 BPS-08
5 BPS-05 BPS-06 BPS-07 BPS-08 BPS-09
6 BPS-06 BPS-07 BPS-08 BPS-09 BPS-10
7 BPS-07 BPS-08 BPS-09 BPS-10 BPS-11
8 BPS-08 BPS-09 BPS-10 BPS-11 BPS-12
9 BPS-09 BPS-10 BPS-11 BPS-12 BPS-13
10 BPS-10 BPS-11 BPS-12 BPS-13 BPS-14
11 BPS-11 BPS-12 BPS-13 BPS-14 BPS-15
12 BPS-12 BPS-13 BPS-14 BPS-15 BPS-16
13 BPS-13 BPS-14 BPS-15 BPS-16 BPS-17
14 BPS-14 BPS-15 BPS-16 BPS-17 BPS-18
15 BPS-15 BPS-16 BPS-17 BPS-18 BPS-19


Conditions for Incentives Of Time Scale


All the Paramedical staff and the Supportive staff will receive major incentives on a time scale. The provision of these incentives needs some conditions which are as follows:


  1. No More Incentives for Previous Employees: All the workers who have already received the benefits or incentives previously are not eligible for the proposed facility now.
  2. Service Structure of Posts: After the introduction of the new proposed timescale for isolated and nonpromotional posts the service structure of the paramedical staff of BPS-01 to BPS-15
  3. Recommendation of Competent Authority: Only Competent and respective committees can make recommendations to allow the benefits of timescale after scrutiny of service records like ACRs.
  4. Considering Higher grade as an Incentive: Without allowing premature increment at a time of pay fixation the higher grade will be considered an incentive
  5. Notifying Recommended Committee: Administrative department will notify the recommended committee at the time of tertiary level hospital and DHO concerned.
  6. Provision of Scrutiny: Administrative department will provide security for the incumbents of promotional posts. The selection grade may not be considered for the incentive of timescale.
  7. Audit Copy: A triplicate audit copy signed by the principal accounting officer or administrative secretary may furnish to the undersigned for authentication.




Notification Award Time Scale Sindh Government PARA Medical and Supporting Staff


Notification BPS-01 to BPS-15 Time Scale Sindh Govt Health Department

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