TA/DA Claims for Federal Govt Employees

I will today discuss with the TA/DA Bill for the Federal Govt Employees. You will lean today how to claim the DA/DA Bill on retirement or transfer/posting. I have sum up the main keys for claiming the  of TA/DA Bill on retirement or transfer/posting.

TA/DA Bill for Federal Govt Employees

The main features of TA/DA Bill for the Federal Govt Employees on Retirement or Transfer/Posting are as under:

1x Basic Pay

If a person moves alone, he/she is entitled to get half Basic Pay and if he/she moves with family then he/she is entitled to get Full Basic Pay.

Daily Allowance

Family Members above 12 years of age will get full Daily Allowance and the Family Members of age less than 12 will get half Daily Allowance.

No Daily Allowance is admissible on retirement as the person is no longer a Govt Employees.

Rates of Daily Allowance for Federal Govt Employees

BPS Ordinary Rates Special Rates
01 to 04 310 500
05 to 11 390 550
12 to 16 700 900
17 to 18 1250 1600
19 to 20 1550 2050
BPS-21 1750 2500
BPS-22 1750 3000



Special Stations for the Purpose of Daily Allowance

  1. Islamabad
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Karachi
  4. Sukhur
  5. Lahore
  6. Multan
  7. Dera Ghazi Khan
  8. Gujranwala
  9. Bahawalpur
  10. Sargodha
  11. Sialkot
  12. Rawalpindi
  13. Faisalabad
  14. Peshawar
  15. Quetta
  16. Northern Areas
  17. Muzafarabad
  18. Mir Pur AJ&K

Luggage Charges Formula

The Luggage Charges Formula is as under:

Weight x 0.02 x Distance

Weight & Traveling Facility for Employees

BPS Weight(With Family) Weight (Single) TA Facility
01 to 10 760 Kg 380 Kg Economy
11 to 13 1500 Kg 760 Kg AC Lower Ordinary or Above
14 to 16 3000 Kg 1500 Kg AC Parloror Above
17 & Above 4500 Kg 2240 Kg AC Sleeper or Higher

Personal Car Traveling is allowed for the employees of BPS-16 & above. If he/she moves in his/her own care then just multiply distance with Rs.10 to get the total fare of traveling.

Documents to be attached with TA/DA Bill

The following documents must be attached with the TA/DA Bill

  • Transfer/Posting Order or Retirement Order
  • TA/DA Order
  • Family List (In case of Family Moves with the Employee)
  • CNIC Copy of the Employee


Don't Forget:  Notification of Daily Allowance



  1. Roshan says:

    Dear Madam,

    I am Grade 17 and transferred from Karachi to Islamabad following is the list of my family members.

    1- Me
    2- Wife
    3-Son 4 Year Old
    4- Son 1.5 Year Old

    what will my total transfer allowance as per rule?

  2. Usman says:

    if a person moves from lahore to karachi. and distance is almost 400km . we simply calculate milage (400x2.5=1000). My Question is if a person moves the same on Daewoo Bus and enclosed a ticket amounting to Rs 1400/-
    is he/she is entitle to claim Daewoo ticket?
    your early response will highy appreciated

  3. amir says:

    can you give me any reference of rule/notification according to which BS16 is entitled to travel by personal car while claiming TA/DA for official tour ?

  4. Akhtar Khetran says:

    Dear Madam.
    I am a fedral employee. And i a transfered to a new station in 2017 i have studied about rates and i want to know that is there is any revision of rates after 2012 please. Tell me beacuse here they are preparing bills by old rates of 2012 and i think there is new rates. If there is so pleas shere with me or mail me on Khetran73@Gmail.Com

  5. Dr. Mudassir SOhail says:

    Can I Have the TA/DA Claim Form for 16 and Above Officer (Federal Employee) in soft form.

  6. Adnan Ali says:

    Mam on transfer/deputaion from one city to other
    is there need of prior approval if we travel by own car
    any rule for this?

  7. Abdullah says:

    What is the process of Transfer grant of Government in Pakistan

  8. Abbas Qadeer says:

    Thanx a lot Mam

  9. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Madam i want to know that if an official transfer 2 time in a month, as per office orders he is entitled for transfer TA , can he claim and take transfer TA at both office orders as per rules, please give me reply as early in detail with supporting documents in this regard please.


  10. iffi says:

    I complete 6 months basic course training of police in Hyderabad from Karachi so I want claim for t.a/d.a please give me format of application.

  11. Sahib Rehman says:

    Dear Madam

    My question is, that if an officer of BPS-22 is travel from Peshawar to Lahore for his personnel/dependent treatment either he is entitled for TA/DA during his journey or not.

    Sahib Regman

  12. Saba tariq says:

    I am a federal govt employee in grade 16, I came to play sports competeion in islamabad from peshawar on movement letter. My stay in islamabad was 10 days. All messing, transportation and accommodation was self arranged by myself. Am i elligible to claim my TA/DA? If yes. How? What will be approximate amount for the subject i discussed?

  13. M sohail says:

    Dear Mam
    if there is any rule that BPS-16 employees are entitled for personal car transportation allowance on permanent posting/ transfer please tell me.

  14. M sohail says:

    Dear Mam
    I m BPS-16 gazetted officer in federal govt deptt: recently I have been posted from karachi to peshawar. I want to ask that I m entitled car transportation allowance or not where as I will travel with my family by air/ by rail.

  15. Shehzad says:

    Thanks dear sister for your all kind of and ever coming supports and guidance in almost all the issues pertaining to government servants. I want to ask a question from you that if a person is detailed on training from Rawalpindi to Karachi for 24-9-2016 to 28-9-2016 (excluding journey period) for how many nights he will be paid 04 x DAs, 06 or 07. And whether he can claim TA/DA for inside city travelling @ car usage i.e. Rs. 10/K.M and how much he will be paid for train journey from Rwp to Karachi, whether is entitled to use A.C or what class he is entitled to. He is a BS-16 employee. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Once again my earnest regards.

  16. Punhal Khan says:

    Kindly inform for latest T.A/D.A rate-2016 of Sindh Government

  17. Dami says:

    Is there any provision that personnel is not entitle for TA/DA if transfer ref on complaint basis?

  18. Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Bhatti says:

    Dear Madam,
    Please enlighten me about my problem regarding my Transfer TA/DA. I had been working in officer cadre in Federal Govt since 1990. I applied through proper channel to the Quaid i Azam University and I was selected as Asstt. Prof. I joined my duties and was fully benefited (financially) but when I applied for Transfer TA/DA I was deprived of my right. Please tell me what should I do for getting my TA/DA.

  19. Hafiz Bashir Ahmad says:

    My question is:
    An officer travelled from Nawabshah to Islamabad in two spells. 1) From Nawabshah to Lahore by Train 2) and from Lahore to Islamabad by private taxi while claiming @Rs.10/- per km. Now what the rule say whether as officer adopt such way of travelling in two spells or he should tavelled in a single spell i.e. from NAwabshah to Islamabad via Train or Road.
    1) kindly tell us that is he allowed to claim two spells of travelling?
    2) Nawabshah to Lahore train fare.
    3) Lahore to Islamabad Private taxi.

    Waiting for your response please.

    • Dear Hafiz Bashir, I am not confirm, however according to my opinion, the same journey can be in parts in some un-avoidable situations. He can claim the TA according on the basis of two spell and if they not accept the same then he may claim the same by Train the whole journey.

  20. ayub anwar says:

    my question is that whether a govt employee going on retirement can claim TA/DA within the same district or can he determine to settle anywhere he likes and claim TA/DA to the place of his choice or to the place of new residence. It is evident that the such an employees moves his residence from the station of his posting..

  21. Arbab Zaman Khan says:

    Dear Madam

    Aoa. Hope you will be feeling well.

    Madam please clear me this point, if a Driver go outside anywhere in Pakistan with his officer on official tour. As per TA/DA rules, May the Driver are bound to provide the Log Book copy, when he claimed his TA/DA.

    Secondly in which condition Log Book is required/Necessary for payment.

    I will be waiting for your earliest response.


    Arbab Zaman Khan

  22. Noman says:

    Dear Shumaila Kamal,

    I have some queries related the TA/DA and transfer grants.

    1.If a person is posted from the HQ to any station for 10-20 days,due to the sick leave aur EX-Pakistan leave ,is there any restriction for not using the private vehicle and will he claim hotel charges.

    2. what will the required documents to claim transfer grant.

    send me the answer on my email at the earliest with any reference aur details ,I will be very thankful.

  23. Sajjad Ali Shah says:

    When a Government Servant is nominated to attend a training arranged by an NGO and he is paid T.A and Hotel Charges by the concern NGO. WHether he is allowed to take Daily Allowance or not? Please indicate rule ? Regards

  24. Jawad Ahmed says:

    Dear Shumaila,

    If i left Islamabad office at 9am and returned next day at 11pm. How much DA i should claim? i used official transport.

  25. FAISAL AZIZ says:

    please correct the luggage charges calculation formula as (weight*distance*0.008).

  26. Hamid Ali says:

    aap ny toi tusali bakhs jawab nhi dia. 700 kis formula k tahet deduct hoye han. plz

  27. Syed Hamid Ali says:

    Salam o alikum Miss. Shumaila Kamal
    ham ny 1 aadmi ka TA/DA Claim performa main Rs.12760/- likh ker bhyja tha. jo k sahi hy. lykin CMA ny un ko 12060/- pass kiye hain. balance main 700 rupees bach gaye hain. ye kia hisab hy? kia iss ki b calculation hoti hy. ya ye balance ham claim ker sakty hain. plz help this topic. thanks

  28. Qaiser says:

    Madam, I would like to ask that if a govt servant attended a training course and his TA bill was lying pending due to lack of TA budget, and that officer is transferred in other unit with separate DDO code and Controlling officer but the department remains same and starts drawing his pay from the new unit, can he claim the outstanding bill of unit whose charge he relinquished from the amount of budget of his new unit where he is currently working ?

  29. Allah Rakha says:

    mam when a person is entitled for a one day (daily) for example a person starts his journy at 4 AM when his time complet for a one (daily) in the same day or on next date 4 AM. And if a person travels dailay for office work for 10 to 15 km. is he entitled for TA and will he get that .

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