Appointing Authority of Teachers in M.C Schools of the Punjab

Govt of the Punjab Education Department (School Wing) has already issued Notification No. S.O (SE-IV) 4-24/2008 dated 23-04-2008 regarding the appointment authority of teachers in M.C Schools of the province of Punjab.

In response to a query by Executive District Officer (Edu) Sialkot, pertaining to the appointment of teachers in various M.C Schools, the Honourable Consultant-IX has inquired vide letter No. 289/OP/C-IX/) & dated 04-03-2008 from Education Department regarding their appointment authority in such schools in Punjab.

In this regard it is clarified that all the new recruitment made by the Education Department remain within its preview. Therefore, the issuance of their appointment order etc is the responsibility of concerned appointing authority. They will be considered to be the employees of Education Department for all purposes even though their appointment is in M.C Schools. (A Post by Naseer Ahmad)





  1. zulfiqar says:

    who is retirement authority of Qari teacher BS-05 of Municipal Corporation School

  2. zulfiqar says:

    who is the authority of retirement of Mulalim e Quran BS-5 Muncipal committee school.

  3. Babar Waqas says:

    Kindly inform Karen k General cadre k teachers agar MC school mein transfer hotay hain to unki seniority par koi affect to nhi paray ga? Aur inki pay MC k head say niklay giii ya, general say ?

  4. lubna says:

    mam ji ye new opointing ka order ha ya purana case ha koi? mujy smj nh i....

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