Instructions Regarding Online Registration for Grade V & VIII Examination 2015 under PEC

Punjab Examination Commission has issued Notification No. PEC/1506 dated 21-11-2014 in connection with Instructions Regarding Online Registration for Grade V & VIII Examination 2015 under PEC.

Online registration for grade 5 & grade 8 exams will commence with effect from 24th November 2014 at Cluster Training & Support Centres. In this regard training has been imparted to all CTSC heads and computer operators /IT teachers at selected CTSC of their respective Tehsil. The instructions regarding this are as under:

  • PEC will conduct 5th & 8th Grade Exams in February 2015. Online registration of the students will start wef 24th November 2014 and will continue till 13th December 2014.
  • Free of cost registration forms will be provided to schools and candidates by head of Cluster Training & Support Centres. PEC will reimburse the cost of the forms to CTSC heads after completion of the Registration.
  • Soft copy of these forms has been forwarded through email and the same has been provided to all CTSC heads during training. These forms can also be downloaded from the PEC website.
  • Registration is compulsory for the students of all Public Sector Schools and optional for Private Sector Schools.
  • All Public/Private Schools will register their students at CTSC (Govt. Secondary/Higher Secondary Schools) which should be within the distance of 16 KM from their schools.
  • Private students may register themselves at any Cluster Training & Support Centers in Punjab.
  • Other details are available at the copy of the Notification.


PEC Registration Instructions



Instructions PEC Registration





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