Establishment Division Letter Regarding Upgradation of Ministerial Staff

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division submitted a letter to Finance Division in connection with the Upgradation of Ministerial Staff.

According to this letter, the undersigned is directed to refer to the Finance Division’s O.M No. 9(7)R-I/2014-515/2016 dated 01-07-2016 on the above subject and to state that ministerial posts are governed by a set of Recruitment Rules notified by Establishment Division which are applicable on all Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Attached Departments of the Federal Government. These posts are separately sanctioned in respective Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Attached Departments. Establishment Division can only issue sanction letters for posts available in this Division. Therefore Finance Division may issue and circulate the decision for upgradation of the posts amongst all Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Attached Departments with request of issuance of sanction letters with that effect. Establishment Division will make amendment in the recruitment rules afterwards.

Special thanks to Mr. Faqir Hussain for sending the copy of the letter.


Upgradation of Ministerial Staff



  1. S.Naveed Haider says:

    please clarify the date of implementation of up-gradation of telephone operator federal government notification issue 07.05.2014 but department office order issue with immediate effect i.e.2016

  2. Mushtaq Ahmed says:

    Please clarify about the post of junior Accounts clerk senior Accounts clerk and Accounts Assistant clerk

  3. Zia Hussain Babar says:

    Sir AOA
    Kia ham log jo Min of Def ke aik att department men serve kar rahay hen hamari upgradation nahin hogi kion ke 6 mah guzarnay ke bawajood hamari upgradation nahin hui?

  4. Muhammad Saeed says:

    Will any one help me about recent upgradation of ministerial posts,,,as provide me a copy of up-graded pay slip..our department is reluctant to send change to AGPR because of ambiguities in the notification...if any one has got the salary slip of upgradation..plz contact me at 03214198468

  5. Khan says:

    What about the Computer Operator (DEO)/KPO upgradation? any info

  6. Akhtar khetran says:

    Madam can you tell me the that when the circulation will be start because I have to fix my pay in nest grade so what I do. .. guide please...

  7. ab.khan says:

    This first time ever seen that federal employees are behind from provincial employees good job done by ishaq dar ?

  8. Muhammad Saeed says:

    گورنمنٹ آف پنجاب نے ساہنس پڑھے ھوے کو کم سکیل دے رھے ھیں اور آرٹس پڑھے ھووں کو زیادہ سکیل دے رھی ھے اس کی کیا وجہ ھے

  9. muhammad Saeed says:

    Alas! it seems that the federal government is not interested to upgrade the posts of clerical staff as per budget speech of the minister for finance. otherwise it should have been done so far.

  10. Abdul Rasool says:

    Medam, how much time Finance Division will take to issue the Notification for Upgradation LDC & UDC posts (LDC BPS-7 To 11) (UDC BPS-9 To 14) please reply me,,,,,

  11. Wiki says:

    Is there any news for the up gradation of Accounts post in federal govt....???

  12. Ammar says:

    Is there any definition of Ministarial Staff

  13. Shoaib says:

    When finance division will circulate this notification. please any body reply

  14. Ahsun shah says:

    Ab further kia procedure hoga or ye kab tak mil jayega fonally

  15. jawed bashir says:

    finance division walooo bara e karam appeal sunay our federl ministry k ldc udc ko bhee baki sobo k mutabik ldc bps 07 to 11 kardiya jayyyy, haq do

  16. azam says:

    How much time Finance Division will take to issue/circulate the orders for upgradation of ministrials posts

  17. Kshif Bashir says:

    Aasalm u alikum es ltr ka kia matlab he plz batae

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