Notification of Treating the Employees Doing Unauthorized Absence from Duty

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Government of the Punjab Service & General Administration Department (Regulation Wing) has issued Notification No. SORI (S&GAD)-1-25/2001 dated 9th September 2013 in connection with the treating the Employees doing unauthorized absence from duty with the subject of Disciplinary Proceedings against Civil Servants on Account of unauthorized absence from duty-treatment of absence period.

The problem of unauthorized absence from duty is rampant in Govt departments and it has been observed that despite clear rules and instructions on the subject such cases are not dealt with appropriately, in accordance with the rules, by the relevant authorities. The administrative departments are therefore requested to follow the following instructions/guidelines while dealing with the cases of unauthorized absence from duty:-

The detail of the Instructions/guidelines is available at the copy of the Notification. There are twelve points of these rulings. This post has been delivered by Mr. Muhammad Raza Shamsi.



Unauthorized Absence Duty

Unauthority Duty Absence


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