Clarification of Supreme Judicial Allowance

Last Updated on February 17, 2014 by ShumailaKamal

Office of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues, Islamabad has issued Circular No. TM/18-64/Circular of Higher Authority/2013-14/1845 dated 11-02-2014 in connection with the Clarification of Supreme Judicial Allowance.

According to this circular, after thorough deliberations of Higher Audit Cell of the office, the admissibility of Supreme Judicial Allowance, which is meant for the honourable judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan and the High Courts for specific judicial duties they are performing, is not admissible to other public functionaries. Therefore the payment of Supreme Judicial Allowance already made to other than judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan and the High Courts may be stopped forthwith and the over payment made to non-entitled may be recovered from either their salaries or pension as per rules.

This is issued with the approval of Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues.


Supreme Judicial Allowance



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