Widowed Daughter/Divorced Daughter & Unmarried Sister Are Eligible for Family Pension

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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD-SR-III-4-57/2013 dated 15-05-2013 in connection with the clarification about grant of Family Pension to Widowed Daughter/Divorced Daughter & Unmarried Sister.

According to the Finance Department Punjab Notification No. FD.SR-III-4-111/89 dated 22-07-1989 the entitlement of the family pension was also granted as mentioned below:

Unmarried daughters till their marriage or on their acquiring their regular source of income which ever earlier had been mentioned.

Later on a query aroused whether the widowed daughter is also eligible for the family pension or not?

In consultation of Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department, the Finance Department has examined the case and with the approval of the Chief Minister, it has been clarified that the following family members are also eligible for the family pension:


  • Widowed Daughter
  • Divorced Daughter
  • Unmarried Sister

These members are eligible for the family pension till their re-marriage or acquiring regular source of income, which ever is earlier.


It is to further added here the the family pension is already granted to the following family members of the deceased employee.

  • Wife or Wives
  • Husband
  • Legitimate children of the Government Servant
  • Widow or widows and children of the deceased son of Government Employee

The detail of other non-family members eligible for family pension will be published soon.  Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Kashif , Computer Operator (Dist: Bhakkar)


Family Pension Sister



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47 thoughts on “Widowed Daughter/Divorced Daughter & Unmarried Sister Are Eligible for Family Pension

  1. Asslamoalikum dear shumaila kamil, l really appreciate your efforts regarding pensioners.
    This is Danish, my sister was taking disability pension as she was a dialysis patient, she passed away few months ago she had only daughter which is 13 years old what is the procedure to transfer​ her pension to her daughter.

  2. Widow daughter dependent pension rule pls tell me… Actually widow daughter live in laws home ..Only 1 child..No income source..And widow daughter mother died in her house where widow daughter live. Widow daughter laws expired..

  3. dear sir
    I am in problem .pl help to solve the same.If widow daughter of my father died then who will intelligible

    Reg; Ghias Shah

  4. Assalam alaikum sir agha sahab jaisa k sindh govt k rule k hisab sai widow Assalam alaikum sir agha sahab jaisa k sindh govt k rule k hisab sai widow daughter apnay walid ki pension lai sakti hai laikin yahan department ka officer jahan hmare walid kaam kartay thae signature nhi kar k dai raha is ka kya tareeka halan k hum nai saray document bhi pooray kiye hain please advice us tjanks azhar shaikh here

  5. A O A as you know that the pension book with prescribed proforma in federal govt department are being called to verify in which has to nominate for next kith . I have some querries. My mother getting family pension and in a proforma a column has been given for next kith to be filled . I have one widow and one unmarried daughter . I have qustion upto what age an unmarried daughter is eligible for family pension if her marrige is not made. second question is that upto when widow daughter would be able to get family pension if his child reach to the age 18 but have no source of income and studying

  6. assalamhalikum.sir hum 3 behne hain 1 bai 18 sal ka ta unke nam par eobi pension ml ra ta ab bai ko 18 sal se upr lekin hum beno ki shadi ni howe abo ka pension hai ab humem ml sakta

  7. My friend’s who was a pensioner of a bank and was died in 2011 but one of his daughter is still unmarried and living with his brothers. She has no source of income at present. Unfortunately she remained unmarred uptill now although her age is above 40 years. Due to non awareness of family pension law she failed to claim for grant family pension after the death of her father. Please guide me whether she is eligible to get family pension with arrears or not. If eligible then what documents are required. Please guide me

  8. Mir Muhammad Shaikh · Edit

    Dear Sir,

    your guidance is required that in case of Widow’s death family pension admissible to the dependent sons upto age of 24 years of till they are gainfully employed, whichever is earlier and to unmarried daughter till their remarriage of their acquiring regular source of income whichever is earlier.

    Is there any rule of pension which covers above situation plz guide in this regard with support of proper notification of Government of Sindh

  9. Any One Please advise me… One lady have a family pension holder she want to tranfer pension his Daugher what procdure to this method please comment

  10. Aasalam o alikum mam.
    kindly tell me in case of death of a divorced”s mother how much percentage will be given to her divorced daughter ? is it will be full pension given to her or there is fixatation of percantage in pension kindly do its really a needful guideness reply from you. I am waiting against your reply.

  11. AoA Government of Sindh kay rule kay mutabic agar aoulad main beta gershadi shuda hai our berozgar hai our betiyan shadisuda hain to betay ko pension milagi agar milagi to kitin age tak milagi, mehrbani karkay batain

  12. My grandfather (nana) retired on 1982 and he got pension. After his death my grandmother (nani) got family pension till march 2015 and she has died. My question is that either my mother (widowed daughter of my deceased grandfather) can avail his pension?

  13. Kindly tell me if the department is same or the widow take pension from the deoartment of his husband. In the same case what is the criteria to get 2nd pension of her father is it true the department is same and the widow take two pension (husband and father).

  14. Mrs. ShumailaKamal first of all I would like to appreciate your effort. Thank you very much. My question is that what is eligibility criteria for an assistant for promotion as superintendent



  16. i am waiting for divorced daughter,unmarried sister, rule in federal government.

    when federal government pass the same rule for federal pensioners any one idea ?

  17. Pls let me know that this notification is applicable to all pension holder family or to just those who filed case in court. As when i went to the office to get the information he said olny those pention holder get this benifit who filed the case in court.please confirm me thr point in this regards.thnks

  18. Please let us know what the Finance Department, Government of Sindh, says in this respect. If my memory recollects properly, Sindh Finance Department has such family pension is for 10 years of unexpired portion. Kindly do guide Sindh position regarding family pension to unmarried sister.


  19. Aslam o Alikum, please tell me , waiting for reply at [email protected]. i am Govt Employee but my scale is 08 and according rules i am legible for pension due to widow. i have no source just my salary , i am responsible of my family, my file is in Lahore Finance Department from last 2 month for final opinion. please tell me as soon as possible


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