Who is Eligible for M.Phil Allowance-Clarification for FG Employees

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.No.3(6)Imp/2016-Vol-II-4 dated 04-01-2017 in connection with Who is Eligible for M.Phil Allowance.

According to this Notification M.Phil Allowance is eligible only to those employees who possess the degree of M.Phil from a recognized University by HEC. All other employees who possess the degree equivalent to M.Phil are not eligible for the said allowance. This allowance is 25% of the Ph.D degree i.e 2500/- per month.


Who is Eligible for M.Phil Allowance


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56 thoughts on “Who is Eligible for M.Phil Allowance-Clarification for FG Employees

  1. A.O.A. kindly confirm whether Federal Government Employees having MS degree holders (18 years qualifications) are allowed for Mphil Allowance as Government of the Punjab Finance Division have issued recently notification. Plz. Any notification of Finance Division Government of Pakistan for admissibility of Mphil Allowance to equivalent degree holders may be up loaded. Thanks

  2. Respected brother and sisters i am going to share a writ pettition passed by the Peshawar High Court Peshawar regarding the discussing issue then reply me at
    03157247292 my whats app there is also different kind of material regarding this but i can not solove it properly

  3. Any update.
    Now punjab govt has once again clarified that we have not adopted federal govt instructions and m phil allow is authorised across the board who have m phil or equallent degree.

  4. Syed Saqib Ali Kazmi · Edit

    Dear friends please make a joint effort in this regard. Coordinate to each other and make a group we may launch a petition if form a group and joint effort is possible.
    [email protected] 0346-7764801

    Complain on citizen portal as well.

    If we have equivalence degree why we are deprived from Mphil allowance.

  5. If you not accepting the MS Degree then why in this world you introduce it to the students… Just Stop it immediately…
    The reason is that the Corrupt Finance Ministry has no value of Educated people.. They only like corrupt people like corrupt finance secretary of one of our province, who’s only motive is to make illegal money, do corruption and to degrade the educated persons….

  6. I have heard that Islamabad High Court has given decision (regarding M.Phil Allowance) in the favor of Ministry of Finance. I do not know how easily can we lose this case?

  7. Any one ? Have filed petition against Ministry of Finance for Equivalence Degree Holder ie. MBA etc even then after the issuance of HEC letter.
    Department decline the request for equivalence degree (No clear cut Notification issued from Ministry of Finance which show to allow the M.Phil Allowance to Equivalence Degree Holder.
    What I have to do now ? Any One give guide line
    [email protected]

  8. I am going to file petition in federal service tribunal … please join together to get this issue fixed. If someone else has already filed the petition do let me know. 03346263468

  9. Hi friends, i have plane to go to court against this discrimination ,but i needs some friends who are eager to go to court , any one who are interested should join me to go ahead

    1. No need to upload the notification as it is available on this web site. Now after issuance of this notification it is very clear n easy for a court of law to decide. Just a case is needed to be filled. If u file the case amount of allowance I.e 2500 must b challenge as it should be 5000 pm

  10. MS degree Holder · Edit

    Hi guys,

    I have seen a letter from HEC (M Ismail, Consultant Quality assurance Division) to Finance division GoP, {Ref- 1-1 (NFQ)/QAD/2017/HEC49-/76 dated 23rd May 2017}.

    In short, This letter state that ALL THOSE HAVING MPHILL OR MS DEGREE (18 year of education) ARE ELIGIBLE TO DRAW MPILL ALLOWANCE @ 2500/month. I have tried to attach above mentioned letter here, but unsuccessful.

    This letter looks like a sign of Hope ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This Budget totally ignored the deprived of M.Phil Allowance. No one found interested to solve the issue. Punjab Govt Employees are getting @ 5000 /month whereas we are not deserving of even 2500 per month.

  12. Please putup case against this notification……….its totally discrimintaion while Punjab government allowed allowance to MS holders RS .5000

  13. Muhammad Imran Munir · Edit

    MBA 3.5 years are equivalent to MS/M.phi degree recognised by the HEC. What logic that there is not admissible to allowance 2500.00 per month. Ministry of finance is requested to please given the allowance in eqvt degree. Then next degree i.e P.hd, both students of M.phil and eqvt to MS/Mphil are admission to P.hds in same classes. I m not clear the logic of min of finance, I’m very disappointed this type of notification, Therefore it is requested that please issue new notification to both are admissible to eqvt allowance. An early and favorable action, please

  14. Govt. should clarify that why MS degree holder is not given allowance. if it is the case than universities should stop giving MS degree. why there is discrimination. If university is issuing the degree of MS even after research it is not student’s fault. this is the dilemma of Pakistan that policy makers do not bother to get complete information but rely on those who are not concerning people of the field. they blindly make policies. This notification of the govt. is a source of frustration among the people. Govt. should rewrite the notification and clearly mention the reason why an Mphil who did research of six credit hours and an MS who also did research of six credit hours are not equal. There is a need of strong protest against this notification.

  15. This is the right time to file a case against finance division pakistan, If MS is equal to MPhill then whats the point in making such discrimination, i am really upset and totally disappointed on such mad notifications, in my organisation we feel that “finance people act as if they are giving you their own money in order to show performance because there is nothing else in which they can excel except blocking money”

  16. Any update regarding the case mates. If anybody could drop a message on 03465562636 or if we could communicate with each other on a watsapp group ” MS students”. send me ur contacts.

  17. In Punjab, MSc (Hons.) 18 years of education have won the case at Lahore High Court (Multan Bench) for the grant of Mphil Allowance @ Rs.5000/- P.M. Its all about 18 years of education whether it is a mphil, ms or msc (hons) to get the allowance. Finance Division of Federal Govt. has to collect the information from HEC then issue the orders. In the subject of any Language, universities issue mphil degree whereas ms is for sciences. Wah g wah Pakistanio?????????

    1. abdul razaq khan niazi · Edit

      brother Naseer asalamualekum
      plz send me your mobile number to me .i want to discuss the issue in the light of court order you mentioned .
      Waiting for your contact number

  18. Muhammad Waheed Nasir · Edit

    I have been contacted by around 10 to 15 people for going to court case so all the people who are willing to participate to file a case and to contribute for lawyers fee should confirm your willingness by sending me a confirmation text on 03205025885 as soon as possible so we can take necessary action against notification before budget 2017-18.

    Thanks alot

    1. Muhammad waheed nisar sb jb ap case Karen tu yh b mention Karen k budget main announcement ki gai the k m Phil allowance on the pattern of Punjab dia jae ga. Punjab main 5000 hy jo k 50% of PhD allowance hy aur tamam ms walo ko b mil raha hy.may Allah give u success

  19. This is a serious issue. HEC is custodian of Degrees; If this MS degree is not equal to M,PHILL in eye of the Finance Division than universities attracting innocent students should raise issue with HEC for clarifying the Finance Division and decision making authorities in this regard.

  20. Need combine effort to cotact with Chairman HEC for necessary action against finance division or otherwise take up this case in court legally against this matter and we will win this In Sha Allah….

  21. Muhammad Waheed Nasir · Edit

    Aoa Dear Aggrieved Ones.
    It is in response of the Finance division’s notification about Admissibility of Mphil Allowance to MS or Degrees equivalent to Mphil from HEC recognized universities.
    I have also same degree which in Equivalent to Mphil according to equilance certificate provided by HEC.
    Now the issue is who the finance division is to decide either a degree is MPhil or not its the discretion of the HEC to decide the degree status.It is unfair to refuse the admissibility to Equivalent degrees so All the aggrieved Employees of federal govt are requested to unite and challenge the decision.
    All the correspondence in this regard can be made at [email protected] so we can try to get the allowance,


    1. Any progress/ update against Finance Div.? Plz let me know, what is your plan to put court case combinely? Need maximum strength of aggrieved employees for this. Waiting you erliest response…. Thnx

  22. please take action against this notification. MS(18 years of education). Why not allowed for allowance? mery department na MS pa allowance allow kia. After this notification department said k wo recovery kerin gy. Totally wrong.

  23. HEC should take up this matter bcoz finance division is not an authorized department to disqualify the scholars. Those who have earned MS degree I.e 18 years education are eligible for PhD but not for allowance………


  25. MS should not be introduce in this country who does not know the value of 18yrs education all students should only find Mphil degree which is only introduce by few universities. Kindly any tell that is there also any phd types or not. because after MS or Mphil we are eligible for Phd. Is MS leading to Phd is eligible for Phd Allowance or not. ???


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