Retirement on Medical Grounds

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Elementary & Secondary Education Department has issued Notification on 11-12-2018 in connection with Retirement on Medical Grounds. Detail is as under:

I am directed to the subject noted above and to state that cases of retirement on medical grounds may not be processed if a civil servant has sufficient length of service and is eligible for premature retirement. If such a civil servant apply for retirement on medical grounds. He may be discouraged and advised to apply for premature retirement.

Special thanks to Mr.Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Retirement on Medical Grounds.

Retirement on Medical Grounds

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3 thoughts on “Retirement on Medical Grounds

  1. AOA

    After 12 Years Regular Government Service, we can get Retirement on Medical Grounds Invalid Retirement with Pension and all Retirement Benefit.

    Shakeel Gul Awan,
    Dera Ghazi Khan,
    Mobile 0300-5302585

  2. AOA, If a Government Servant Retired on Medical Grounds in completion of 12 years Regular Service, he can get pension and all others pension benefits.

    Shakeel Gul Awan
    Dera Ghazi Khan
    Mobile No. 0300-5302585.


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