Family Pension for Missing Persons for a Period of 12 Months

I am sharing here the details for the Family Pension for Missing Persons for a Period of 12 Months. Earlier these orders were for 7 years lost / missing person. Detail of the same is as under:


Previous Orders for Missing Persons or Unheard Persons


According to previous orders of the dated 04-03-1987, if the employee is unheard or missing for a period of seven years (7 years) and the department is satisfactory on this situation, Department may grant family pension to the heirs of the lost / unheard employee.


New Orders for Family Pension for Missing Persons


According to the orders of the dated 25-09-1997, the period of 7 years has been reduced to only one year (12 months). In this regard affidavit is necessary so that if missing person is appeared later, cannot claim the same. The pension granting authority will not be responsible for the repayment if the mission person appears.


The same has been extracted from ESTA CODE for the guidance or information of the employees. If any latest letter in this regard is issued, kindly submit the same so that this post may be kept updated.

Latest example of this situation is the case of Sakina Mai Family Pension who also has been granted the same after the courts orders. The detail of the same is available in Urdu language for the information of the concerned.


Family Pension for Missing Persons

Family Pension for 12 Months Missing Persons


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