Instructions for E-Sheets 2021 FBISE Islamabad

I am sharing the Instructions for E-Sheets 2021 FBISE Islamabad for the annual examinations 2021. The students should follow the following instructions:


Instructions for E-Sheets 2021 FBISE Islamabad


۔ The new reply copy is the same as the old one. Students will solve their paper with a pen and paper.

۔ The new answer sheet has space for writing the answer to each question.

۔ The allotted space is more than double the space required for the answer.

۔ The short answer is three to four lines while 14 lines are provided.

۔ Double pages are also provided for detailed answers.

۔ Space for answers is provided with the advice of teachers.

۔ Old pamphlets have been solved by the students at the given place. There is still a lot of space left after solving the problem.

۔ A new reply copy is available on the Federal Board website. Students are requested to download and practice.

۔ There is also a video on the website to guide the students.

۔ Reply copies will be checked by teachers at home and abroad.

۔ Each answer will be given a different teacher number. This will get a fair result.

۔ The new reply copy can be stored for a long time.

۔ Margins can be used for rough processing.

۔ In case of cutting, the remaining space can be re-answered.

۔ Graph paper is also provided in the mathematical answer sheet.

۔ The answer is to make a picture/chart, more space is provided for it.

۔ The new answer copy is designed to better test student scores.

۔ The new reply copy can reduce student complaints about checking.



Instructions for E-Sheets 2021 FBISE Islamabad

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