AIOU Autumn 2020 Exams Updates as on 29-04-2021

I am sharing the latest updates of AIOU Autumn 2020 Exams Updates as on 29-04-2021. There are rumors that Semester Aut 2021 Exams of AIOU Islamabad, the University has postponed. The reality is that there is no such proposal of the Open University. The Open University has a plan to announce the same after Eid-ul-Fitr 2021 holidays.


AIOU Autumn 2020 Exams Updates


According to the AIOU Islamabad, it is to inform that NO alternative to exams they have decided. AIOU will conduct the exams as per the revised schedule which they will announce after Eid-ul-Fitr. No promotion without exams/assessment, the University announced or planned. Be prepared and good luck. Stay safe. Stay blessed.

                The summary of the whole is that the AIOU University will not pass the students without taking the exams /assessments. The University will take the exams as per the revised schedule. Open University Islamabad has not postponed the Autumn 2021 Semester Exams.

                The students should prepare themselves without keeping in mind the fake news of the cancellation of exams/papers of Open University. They should not take it lightly and prepare for the papers.


When the Exams will be Held?


AIOU will soon issue after Eid the revised schedule/date sheet of the Autumn Semester 2020 exams. Students should not believe any other unreliable source for such news. The University will publish the final date after Eid-ul-Fitr 2021.


AIOU Autumn 2020 Exams Updates as on 29-04-2021

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