Clarification of Pension Rules 2021 KPK (100% Pension, Family Pension, Two Pensions)

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Finance Department (Regulation Wing)has issued a Notification regarding the Clarification of Pension Rules 2021 KPK. The main clarification issued by FD KPK is regarding the following:

Clarification of Pension Rules 2021 KPK


  • 100% of gross or net pension
  • Two or more pensions
  • Pension to unmarried sister
  • Increase in Minimum Pension
  • Family Pension 100%

I am directed to refer to your letter No.H-24(74)/Pension/Vol-VI/1277 dated 25.10.2021 on the subject noted above and to clarify the queries raised by your good office as under:-


  1. 100% of the gross or net pension is applicable to old as well as new pensioners i.e. who died on or before 06.09.2021 as well as those who die after 06.09.2021.
  2. A pensioner who is drawing two or more pensions before 06.09.2021 shall remain eligible for the same as per past practice, whereas those pensioners who became eligible for two or more pensions on or after 06.09.2021 shall opt for one pension which is more beneficial to them.
  3. Unmarried sisters of those government servants who died before 06.09.2021 are eligible for family pension and their pension shall not be stopped.
  4. The minimum pension for the family has been increased from 75% to 100%.
  5. For those government servants who die during service, their family pension will also be @ 100%.



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Clarification of Pension Rules 2021 KPK

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