Salary in Advance on 20-12-2021 to Federal Employees (Christianity Community)

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Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued a Notification on 07-12-2021 in connection with Disbursement of Salary in Advance on 20-12-2021 to Federal Employees belonging to the Christianity Community. The details are as under:

Salary in Advance on 20-12-2021 to Federal Employees


Christmas is going to be celebrated on 25th December 2021.  In terms of Note-4 of Rule-217 of Federal Treasury Rules (Vol. I), Salary for the month of December 2021  to  be  paid  on  1st January   2022  can  be  disbursed   in  advance  to  the  Federal

Government Employees belonging to the Christian Community before 1st January 2022 but not earlier than five days before the date of Christmas.

  1. It is requested that arrangements may kindly be made to disburse the salary and pension for the month of December 2021 in advance to all Federal Government Servants and pensioners belonging to the Christian Community on 20th December 2021.


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Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:-


  • All Ministries/Divisions of the Federal Government at Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
  • The Governor, State Bank of Pakistan,
  • President, National Bank of Pakistan,
  • President’s Secretariat (Internal/Public),
  • Prime Minister’s Office (Internal/Public),
  • Senate Secretariat,
  • National Assembly Secretariat,
  • Election Commission of Pakistan,
  • Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad
  • Auditor General of Pakistan,
  • Controller General of Accounts,
  • Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue,
  • Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat, 14 Mint Master, Pakistan Mint, Lahore.
  • 15 Director-General, Central Directorate of National Savings, Islamabad. 16 Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad.
  • Chairman, Capital Development Authority,
  • AGPR, Sub Office, Lahore/Karachi/Peshawar and 19 Federal Treasury Office, Islamabad/Karachi.
  • 20 Additional Finance Secretary (Military), Rawalpindi. 21 Federal Tax Ombudsman’s Secretariat, Islamabad.
  • 22 Director General Audit, Federal Government, Islamabad. 23 Director General, Intelligence Bureau, Islamabad.
  • 24 All JSs-Expenditure, Finance Division, Islamabad.



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Salary in Advance on 20-12-2021 to Federal Employees (Christianity Community)


All governments issue advance salary notifications before Christmas to facilitate the Christian community. provincial governments will also issue the notification for advance pension and pay.

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