Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022

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I have prepared the Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 for the employees of Pakistan. Federal Government has recently announced in Budget 2022-23 that Government will merge the Adhoc relief allowances into basic pay.  There was a different salary increase in Budget 2022-23 news and finally, Government announced the Budget 2022-23. According to Budget Speech 2022-23, Pakistan Government has announced a 15% increase in Salary as well as the merging of Adhoc Allowances. On the basic of Adhoc allowances, the expected pay scales chat for 2022 is as under:


 Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 (By Merging 5 Adhoc Relief Allowances)


If the Government merges the following Adhoc relief allowances then the basic pay of the employees nearly increases to 1.4 times:


  1. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2016
  2. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017
  3. ARA 2018 (Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017
  4. ARA 2019 (Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017)
    1. 5% BPS-17 to BPS-19)
    2. 10% BPS-01 to BPS-16
  5. Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021 @ 10% of the Pay Scales 2017


Finance Division froze ARA-2016 while issuing the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2017 for employees. All other Adhoc allowances are on the current or running basic pay.


How I created this Chart of Basic Pay Scales 2022


I used here the simple method to prepare this chart. The base of this chart is the initial basic pay of a particular pay scale as well as the previous annual increment rate.

The initial basic pay of BPS-01 for the pay scales 2017 is 9130. Just add in it 4 ad-hoc relief allowances 9130 (10% of the initial basic pay). After that the initial of Revised Pay Scales 2016 for BPS-01 is 7640/- Just took 10% of it and added it to the initial of BPS-17. This will get the new basic pay as under:


BPS-01 Employees


9130 + (9130 x 10/100) x 4 + 7640 x 10/100

= 9130 +3652 + 764



BPS-17 Employees


30370 + (30370 x 10/100) x 3 + (30370 x 5/100) + 25440 x 10/100

= 30370 +9111 + 1519 +2544



BPS-20 Employee


69090 + (69090x 10/100) x 3 + 57410 x 10/100

= 69090+20727+5741



Temporary Stages


The stages I created are not in the round figure. These stages are the exact amount got through the calculation. The Finance Division will create its own pay scales chart in which the Finance Division will create a stage in round figures.


Annual Increment Rates


Annual Increment rates, I also got by taking 10% / 5% and adding it into basic pay. In the same way 10% of the annual increment as per the revised pay scales 2016 chart I also added in it. As the ARA 2016 is not on the running basic pay.


Download Expected Basic Pay Scales 2022 Chart


On the basis of Five (05) Adhoc Relief Allowances, the expected revised basic pay scales chart 2022 is as under:


Download Basic Pay Scales 2022 Expected Chart


Now you can download the same chart with some corrections in PDF format. Special Thanks to Mr. Ghulam Mustaf Ch for sending the chart for the information of employees.


Basic Pay Scale Chart 2022 (Exp) in PDF



Basic Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022


Initial Stage, Last Stage, and Annual Increment (Expected)

The Initial Stage, Last Stage, and Annual Increment may be the same as under or there may be some difference. These are just rough calculations. Actual position, the Finance Division will clear in the Notification of Increase in Salary and Basic Pay Scales 2022.



Initial Stage, Last Stage and Annual Increment (Expected)

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31 thoughts on “Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022

  1. Sorry i made a mistake. Actually the proposef pay scales and annual increment for bps 21 & 22 needs to be corrected for 10 percent ARA 2019 which has been granted now to bps 21 & 22

  2. جاوید احمد · Edit

    یہ چارٹ اناملیز سے بھرپور ہے مثال کے طور پر سکیل 15کی سٹیج 28اور سکیل 17کی سٹیج 10ہی دیکھ لیں لہڈا میری سمجھ کے مطابق یہ چارٹ ناقابل عمل ہے

  3. Some of sources said that adhoc allowances will be 40% merge for BS 1-16 35% for 17 to 20 and 30% for 21-22.
    Please let us know is it right or wrong.

  4. Have you added increment in revised pay scale rate? Because it is added by finance in December.. and sir kindly guide me about sindh government, will sindh government merge all adhoc allowances with full rate because federal government didn’t increased salaries in 2020 but sindh government increased salaries by 10% in 2020 and 20% in last year.. deference is 15% to 20% in sindh and federal government…

      1. Sir I want to say that will sindh government merge adhoc allowances with full rate/percentage because sindh has increased 10% in 2020 and 20% in 2021 and federal doesn’t increase in 2020 so there is a deference in allowances in sindh and federal… will sindh government revise same as federal? Because there is a deference of 10% to 15%.. if sindh will merge all adhoc including 2020 then there will be deference in basic pay of federal and province.

  5. According to Annexure IX, i think you have to include the additional 5% and 10% increment in the 2019 adhoc allowance of BPS 17-19 and BPS 20-22 respectively, for the calculation of anuual increment and revised scale 2022!


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