Online E-Pension System School Education Department Punjab

isOnline E-Pension System for School Education Department Punjab has been started by SEd. The employees/pensioners will have to no more visit the accounts/pension offices for the pension documents. They will submit all data online through SEDHR. The details are as under:


SED Online E-Pension System School Education Department (SED)  Punjab


The government of Punjab develops an E-Pension system to facilitate employees of the School Education Department. By this program, Pension application is processed online. The government of Punjab introduces this system in order to facilitate retired employees of the school education department. Here are more details:


Online E-Pension System for SED Retired Employees


School Education Department in Punjab looks forward to providing more ease to Pensioners. The employees who get retired, face difficulties to get pensions. The manual method of getting a pension gets a longer time to be completed. So, SED develops an online E-Pension system to help employees apply online for a Pension.  It will allow retired employees to submit their applications and complaints directly to competent authorities.


The process to Apply Online


E-Pension System is online. The applicants can submit applications online using the internet facility.  Applicants can submit applications by visiting the following web address

Apply Online for E-Pension 


Easy Tracking of E-Pension


With the new E-Pension system, employees will also be able to track the progress of their online pension application in real time. This will help in the following;


  1. Online documentation from home.
  2. No paperwork.
  3. No manual work.
  4. Transparency in updates.
  5. No physical procedure.
  6. Accountability and service.
  7. Ensure efficiency.
  8. Digital Disposal of pension


Digitalizing Manual Pension System


The Punjab government digitalizes the traditional process of Pension documents. Manual work needs a lot of paperwork and it is hectic for employees.


Benefits of E-Pension


E-Pension does not need any paperwork. It is so easy ad tireless. Th is time-saving. It comforts the pensioners to process their applications easily from home. Punjab Government spends a huge amount on this program.


Evolution In Granting Pensions to SED Employees


The electronic pension system is an evolution in granting pensions to the Retired employees of the School Education department. This evolution made changes as under:


  1. Employee/ Applicant can fill and submit an Application for Pension.
  2. Applicant can upload the picture.
  3. Employee/ Applicant can view the status of the Pension Application.
  4. Employee/ Applicant can view all the Forms like
  1. Application for Pension.
  2. Application for commutation of Pension.
  1. Form for Sanction of Pension and Gratuity
  1. Employee/ Applicant can view the e-Pension Payment Order.


Online E-Pension System School Education Department Punjab

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