Notification of Teaching of Holy Quran in Pakistani Universities

The Higher Education Commission issued a Notification on 27-03-2023 in connection with the Teaching of the Holy Quran in Pakistani Universities. The details are as under:


HEC Notification Teaching of the Holy Quran in Pakistani Universities



According to advisory HEC introduced the Teaching of the Holy Quran as a mandatory subject. This will be treated as a separate subject. Every student must learn about:


  1. Quran Tajweed
  2. Quran Tafseer
  3. Quran Translation


Each Muslim student must pass this subject. This course will grade every student after the assessment of the Quran course like the credit of other subjects. The purpose of Tafseer and Tajweed of the Quran is to study the principles which the Quran came to clarify: The explanation of a perfect set of beliefs with respect to the Creator, and the relationship of man with Allah. It helps in the perfection of personal conduct and good morals.


Compulsory Education of Quran For All University Students


According to the advisory Teaching the Holy Quran is mandatory. It will not treat as an additional credit subject. Holy Quran teaching is no anymore provisional of additional marks. This way, the focus of the students would remain on the acquisition of learning and knowledge of the Holy Quran.


Resolution on Teaching of the Holy Quran in Universities


Advisory member of academics and curriculum states notification regarding resolution passed about the teaching of the Holy Quran. The resolution says students of all disciplines will learn Quran Translation, Quran Tajweed, and Quran Tafseer as compulsory subjects. They must pass it as other subjects.

               The committee advised and recommended fully it for all Muslim students as a compulsory subject not optional or additional. According to the advisory, any Muslim student getting an education in all universities recognized by HEC must learn the translation of the Holy Quran. it is mandatory for all students of all disciplines.


HEC Implements Quran As a Separate Subject


Learning  Quran is equally required for Muslims without any gender discrimination. It brings blessings not only in this world but for the life hereafter. So to bring our youth and society near to our religion HEC recognized Universities will add the Teaching of the Holy Quran as a compulsory subject for all Muslim students.


Benefits Of Teaching Translation of the Holy Quran


It is a noble act to learn Quran with translation and tajweed. Every Muslim should learn it daily. It gives knowledge about all aspects of life. It brings a man nearer to Allah. This deed will really help to understand the nature of Allah. The students will learn the following:


  • A deeper understanding of the Faith
  • Preservation and Observance of Islamic values of morality, ethics, and social values


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Notification of Teaching of Holy Quran in Pakistani Universities

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