Posting Adjustment of Associate Professors BS-19 KPK

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KPK government issues orders about the Posting Adjustment of Associate Professors BS-19 KPK after promotion. Higher Education,  Archives and Libraries,  KPK issues notification dated 27-04-2023 regarding posting/Adjustment of the Associate Professors.  Here are the details:

Latest Orders Posting Adjustment of Associate Professors BS-19 KPK after Promotion


The higher Education,  Archives & Libraries Department issues a notification about the order of Posting/Adjustment of Associate Professors. The order of Posting/Adjustment is issued for the post of Associate Professor upon their Promotion from Assistant Professor (BS-18) to Associate Professor (BS-19).  Here are details regarding Promoted Employees.


From To Scale No. of Total Employees No. of Male Employees No. of Female Employees
Assistant Professor





115 111 04

Here you can see that a total of 115 Assistant Professors get Promotion to the post of Associate Professor. There are 111 male Assistant Professors there as 04 female Assistant Professors. The department also issues an order of their Posting Adjustment under the promotion.


Transfer of Associate Professors in KPK


In addition to the above, the Department of Higher Education,  Archives  & Libraries also transfers 08 Associate Professors from one college to another. The Postings/transfers are also in effect immediately by the order.


Congratulations to all the professors who have promotion from BPS-18 to BPS-19. Assistant Professors vacancies are also available in NSU Islamabad.



Posting Adjustment of Associate Professors BS-19 KPK






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