The Annual Budget 2020-2021 Pakistan is very important in connection with the Government Employees of Pakistan. Government employees have many demands that they want to be fulfilled including Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan. They are waiting of the promises of the prime minister of Pakistan, the he made to the employees that they should… (19 comments)

Various Resolutions moved on 10-12-2010 in National Assembly of Pakistan. There were two resolutions related to the Government Employees. One was to Increase basic salaries of the Government Employees and the other one related to the pensioners to equalize the pension to Basic Pay. Detail is as under:… (3 comments)

You know that Annual Increment is granted to the Government employees on 1st December each year. This year too on 1st December Annual Increment 2019 will be granted to all the employees. The amount of annual increment is fixed for each scale. It is scale based not on the length of service based for the… (17 comments)