Seniority List MTTs FGEIs

Seniority list of teaching staff of BPS-09 of Metric Trained Teachers of the Federal Govt Educational Institutions has been issued provisionally. This seniority list consists of Male Teaching Staff and Female Teaching Staff both of Urdu Medium Schools and English Medium Schools of the employees of BPS-09. This sonority list has been... more →
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Adhock Relief Allowance Notification Punjab Govt Employees

The Govt of Punjab has issued notification of Adhock Relief Allowance 2012 Notification  vide Ltr No. FD.PC.2-2/2012 dated 18 July 2012. This adhock relief allowance will be @ 20 % of the running basic pay and will be valid wef 01-07-2012. This will be valid for the civil servants of the Punjab Govt as well as the contract employees... more →
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How to make a website?

I am going to tell you all steps for the creation of your own websites. A website is a main platform where the visitors can get their required information. First of all I will tell you about the purposes of websites. The websites are made for personal information, about an institution or department, for business purpose, for making... more →
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18 Best SEO Tips

What is SEO? You all know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the basic thing that you must have to keep in mine when you create a site or blog. The traffic you get on your site is mainly the result of your SEO techniques. If you have a better knowledge of SEO you have greater chances to have more traffic on your... more →
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Pension Documents

Pension documents are the documents that are submitted at the time of a retirement of a employee. There are many documents that are submitted at the time of retirement. There are involved gratuity, notification of retirement etc. These are mentioned below: These documents are necessary for submission the case of Pension to... more →
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