Govt of the Punjab School Education Department has already issued Notification No. SO (SE-III) Misc/09 (Study Leave) dated 11th December 2009 in connection with the Study Leave for the Punjab Govt School Teachers. Later on there has been made amendment in study leave vide Notification No. SO (SE-III)Misc/09/Study Leave) dated 21st October 2013.… (3 comments)

The leave Account Proforma is a special proforma that is used to maintain leave account of an employee. There are 4 leaves for each month for non-vacational staff and 1 leave for vocational staff for each month according to the leave rules. Thus non-vacational staff will earn 48 leaves in a full calendar year and… (5 comments)

Leave Encashment has been revised vide the Finance Division Regulation Wing No. S.R.O 70/(KE)/2012 dated 29th August 2012. According to new rules the employees going on retirement and getting the benefit of Encashment will now avail the benefit of 365 days instead of 180 days.… (13 comments)