National Testing Service (NTS) has Announced Paper Distribution for Educators Recruitment 2014-2015

Paper Distribution for Educators Recruitment 2014-2015 has been announced by the National Testing Service (NTS). The detail of the same is as under:

Paper Distribution for Educators Recruitment


S.NO Name of Post Basic Pay Scale
1 ESE BPS-09
2 ESE (Science-Math) BPS-09
3 SESE (Computer Science) BPS-14
4 SESE (Drawing Master) BPS-14
5 SESE (Math) BPS-14
7 SESE (Science) BPS-14
8 SESE (English) BPS-16
9 SESE (Arabic) BPS-16
10 SESE (Urdu) BPS-16
11 SSE (Biology) BPS-16
12 SSE (Chemistry) BPS-16
13 SSE (Computer Science) BPS-16
14 SSE (English) BPS-16
15 SSE (Math) BPS-16
16 SSE (Physics) BPS-16
17 SSE (Urdu) BPS-16


It is mention here that the Recruitment Policy for Educators 2014 has already been announced by the Punjab Govt.


Paper Distribution NTS




  1. Muhammad Shahzad Anwer says:

    Dear madam post of stenographers bps-16 has been re-designated and now the designation is called as assistant private scretary/aps in the departments of federal government & also effected this redesignation in some ex-cadre courts like anti-curruption court, A.T courts, Banking courts etc why the said change is not effected upon the stenographers of bps-16 of punjab governments departments like district judiciary?

  2. Muhammad Shahzad Anwer says:

    Dear madam medical allowance for employee from bps-1 to 15 is Rs.1200/- per month; whereas, medical allowance for the employees in bps-16 is Rs.1000/- per month. this situation was also clerified when employees of bps-1 to 15 were getting 1000 per month; whereas, employees of bps-16 were getting medical allowance Rs.909/- per month. is now any clerification is available for above said situation of Rs.1200/- per month or Rs.1000/- per month? kindly reply.

  3. Shafi Ullah Marwat says:

    I really appreciate the struggle and achievements of the owner and creator of, Miss Shu Manila Kamal.

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