Re-designation of Various Posts of Social Welfare Department Sindh

Government of Sindh, Social Welfare Department has issued Notification No. SO (G)I(15)/2011 dated 01-06-2015 in connection with Re-designation of Various Posts of Social Welfare Department Sindh.

In pursuance of Finance Department, Govt of Sindh’s approval vide O.M letter No. SO(SR-IV)1-20/2015 dated 1st June 2015, change of nomenclature/re-designation of various posts of Social Welfare Department, Govt of Sindh, is hereby allowed with immediate effect:


S. No Existing Nomenclature/Designation Change in Nomenclature/Designation
1 Provincial Coordinator (BPS-19) Director (BPS-19)
2 District Officer (BPS-18) Deputy Director (BPS-18)
3 Deputy District Officer (BPS-17) Social Welfare Officer (BPS-17)


The designation of the following posts of Social Welfare Department Govt of Sindh will remain the same:


S. No Existing Nomenclature/Designation BPS
1 Assistant Director (RCMHC) BPS-17
2 Assistant Director (RCPH) BPS-17
3 Assistant Director, Darul Aman BPS-17
4 Assistant Director, Child Welfare BPS-17
5 Assistant Director, Darul Atfal BPS-17


Re-Designation Social Welfare




  1. Syed Mahmood Alam says:

    I am working as a Social Organizer (BPS-16) in Sindh Katchi Abadies Authority, Govt., of Sindh, Karachi, last 10 years. So I would like join your department. Please send me detail for transfer of Job from my department to your's. Which post is equivalent to my post.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  2. AZAM NADEEM says:

    I'm new comer.

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