Re-Fixation of Pension of the Pensioners of Punjab Who Opted for 50% Commutation for Their Full Pension

Government of Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-III/4-41/2008 dated 17-06-2015 in connection with Re-Fixation of Pension of the Pensioners of Punjab Who Opted for 50% Commutation for Their Full Pension.

According to this Notification, increase in pension of pensioners of Government of Punjab who retired on or before 30-06-2001 and had opted for 50% commutation for their full pension will be re-fixed with effect from 1st July 2015 by converting increases allowed on net pension prior to restoration of commuted value of pension into increases on gross pension. No arrears resulting from such re-fixation of increases in pension pertaining to the period prior to the restoration of commuted value of pension would be admissible.

The arrears, if any, shall be paid to eligible pensioners or their legal heirs as specified in the Punjab Civil Servants Pension Rules within a period not exceeding seven years starting from 1st July 2015, as per the schedule given below:


S. No Category of Pensioners Yearly Amount Allocated for Payment
1 Who retired prior to 01-07-1991 Rs. 1.50 billion
2 Who retired on or after 01-07-1991 and upto 30-06-1993 Rs. 1.50 billion
3 Who retired on or after 01-07-1993 and upto 30-06-1998 Rs. 1.00 billion
4 Who retired on or after 01-07-1998 and upto 30-06-2001 Rs. 1.00 billion


Note: Any yearly savings against a category will be adjusted for budgetary allocation in the subsequent financial year to the next categories.

This dispensation is subject to final outcome of the legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Abdullah for sending the copy of the Notification of Re-Fixation of Pension of the Pensioners of Punjab Who Opted for 50% Commutation for Their Full Pension.


Re-Fixation of Pension of Punjab Pensioners




  1. Uzma Sarwat says:

    My fsther died and taking his pension as family pension. From 2013 till 2016 i am receving 10% , then 7.5% , then 10% increase of pension amount as areaer is not correct. Please give tell a solution to resolve this arearer isssue. I am punjab govt victum. My father retitred in year of 1987.

  2. Zeshan Malik says:

    Asslam o Alikum Dear Admin
    mera fther PRTC department mai thy aur retired hu gay huay hai unki wafat ka bd meri mama pension lay rahi hai aur PRTC ka har fard ko 3 3 qisat mai paisa mil chuka ha jba haimain 2 qist mil gai hai 3sri qist abi tk ni mili 2 sal hu gay hai is ki kia wja ha

  3. Agha Amir says:

    I understand that Court did not accept the proposed 7 years payment of arrears schedule, and directed that government should pay all arrears immediately. There was no guarantee that the pensioner would live another 7 years.

    DAOs are still not making payment on the grounds that funds have not been allocated.

    Can some one kindly inform me what happened after the last directions from the Court ?


  4. zaira kazmi says:

    Dear mam, my mother was retired in 15.11.2000. My mother age 61 now. Will she eligible for this benefit???

  5. Syed Zohair Hussain Wasti says:

    Dear Madam my father got retirement from PRTC (Intercity) Rawalpindi Saddar as office superintendent on 13-08-1994 at the age of 60 years.His pension was doubled by previous laws in 2009 at the age of 75 years.He died in Nov ,2011. Now my mother is receiving the pension.Will she get this increase given by the court ?PRTC is telling us nothing.Plz give me info that how much time still required in which punjab govt. will pay us.Plz give me info.Thanking you in anticipation.

  6. Muhammad Shakeel says:

    Dear Madam,

    My father has been retired from Police Department on 01-04-2001 at the age of 50 years. pls,, intimate as to whether my father is eligible to get these benefits or otherwise......

    If, he is not eligible, so pls inform when he eligible....

  7. IMRAN MALIK says:

    Aslam o laqum,

    my mother retired from education dept. since 1994 as primary school teacher in district Vehri, so kindly inform me what about the current status of my mother,s pension,
    thanks in anticipation

  8. Malik Dillawar says:

    Madam kia is notification pr implementation shuru ho gaya hai

  9. hira says:

    dear sister u asked my fathers age of retirment and departmen he is a teacher and retire 2000 in the age of 49 now he is 64 is he eligble before age of 70

  10. Ihsan Ahmed jamali says:

    Dear madam any arear possible according notifi2tion of pension refixation

  11. Ihsan Ahmed jamali says:

    My uncle retired in 1998 is he elible refixation of pension at present

  12. hira says:

    dear kind sister my father is a retire servent he retires in september 2000 his age is now 64 when he is eligble or on which age he can get this benifite means is there any age limetations can he get the benifit before the age of 70 thanx for your support to everyone god bless u

  13. farhana says:

    respected madam thnks for your suport plz tell my moms age 65 she retire 2000 un ki pention 15000 hay kia unhain refixsation wali pention ist augst ko mily gi aur andazan kitna izafa ho jay ga plz tell me

  14. Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil says:

    Dear Madam,
    I want to point out that in the above mentioned notification words
    "commuted value of pension"
    have been used which is not correct.
    These should be
    "commuted portion of pension".

  15. farhana says:

    dear respected mam meri walida 49 years ki age main retire hoi thin agust 2000 main ab un ki age 64 saal hy kia unhain y benifit mily ga aur kb kia july 2015 say plz mam ap zaror btana so kind of u

  16. kamran says:

    Mery walid 1999 main retair hoay hain in ki age 66 years hai kia un ko bhe is notification say faida ho ga

  17. Israr Ahmed says:

    Dear Madam
    will i eligible for re-fixation of pension as i retired in 2000 at the age of 50 year

  18. Bilal says:

    Thanks for ur information. What about those who retired after 30-06-2001 and opted for new scales.

  19. Shakil Rao says:

    I appricate u r work God bless youDear Shumiala kia ye commuted value jo widows family pension le rahi hen in per b lago ho ga????
    Plzzzzzz confirm krye ga q k meri widow sister ki pension buhat kam hy

  20. Abaid says:

    Dear Admin,

    How long they take time to give the arreares by installment?

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