Who would be Eligible for the Payment Plan Issued by the Punjab Govt for the Pensioners?

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A number of comments and questions have been received via email regarding the criteria of eligibility of the payment plan of arrears amount to the pensioners. Again on my request Mr. Amir Agha has given the answers in detail about the same matter. Let’s see the detail of the questions and their answers:

Eligibility of the Payment Plan of Arrears Amount to the Pensioners

Payment Plan Arrears


  • Question: Are the employees of Federal Government and other Provincial Governments are eligible for these benefits?

Answer: No, only the Punjab Government pensioners would be eligible for this benefit, as the other Governments have not initiated the same step.

  • Question: Are the Punjab Police retired personals are eligible for the same benefits?

Answer: Yes, these pensioners are eligible.

  • Question: Will the pensioner retired prior to 01-12-2001 will be eligible for this benefit?

Answer: Yes, his commuted pension will be restored on expiry of years for which it was commuted.

  • Question: Are the employees retiring after 01-12-2001 are eligible for these benefits?

Answer: Yes the employees retiring after 01-12-2001 are eligible for the arrears amount after restoration of their commuted portion of pension.

  • Question: Are the family pension cases also come under this package?

Answer: Yes, all the persons who are getting family pension are eligible for this benefit.

  • Question: Is this benefit would be eligible to the cases of during service death?

Answer: Yes, the orders do not discriminate between retiring pensioners and pensioners and the pensioners who died during service.

  • Question: If a Punjab Government employee retires on 15th August 2014 and Government announces 15% increase in pension, then is this 15% increase will be on net pension or gross pension?

Answer: The order that in future all increases will be given on Net Pension, has not been withdrawn, and will hold good.

  • Question: Will these arrears be granted prior to restoration date?

Answer: No.  The benefit of increases will be calculated (only calculated) for all increases before restoration date, but actual arrears, at increased rate, will be given only from restoration date.

  • Question: If the employee retired on 27-05-2000 and his restoration occurs on 27-05-2015, is he eligible for the same benefit.

Answer: Yes, the benefit of increases from 2001 to 2014, from restoration date.

  • Question:  If the employee retired on 27-05-2005 and his restoration occures on 27-05-2020 then is he also eligible for the arrears amount?

Answer: Yes he is eligible for the same.

  • Question:  Punjab Government has ordered for the restoration of commuted portion of pension
    for all the employees who retired prior to 01-12-2001 as well as the employees who retired after 2001 and also for the employees who will retire in future.

Answer: Restoration benefit was already there in 2001 for those who retired before 2001.  For those who retired from 2001 onwards, Punjab government has issued orders in July 2014, that they would also be eligible for restoration benefit [the withdrawal orders of 2001 of benefit, were cancelled].

  • Question: Other Governments have only ordered for the restoration of commuted portion of pension to the employees retiring prior to 01-12-2001. but no arrears.

Answer: Yes, all governments have all along been allowing restoration benefit to all pensioners who retired before 2001.

Arrears are for those increases only, which were not given on commuted part from 1.12.2001 till restoration date.

Federal government has given those increases from back date, but no arrears for the period prior to restoration date.

Punjab government is now likely to issue similar orders.  It has indicated to High Court time frame for that payment.

  • Question:  The calculation example of the Punjab pensioners will be as under: Suppose an employee retired on 01-07-1998 and his restoration of commuted portion of pension occurred on 01-07-2013. His restoration calculation will be from 01-07-1998 and he will get the arrears amount wef 01-07-2013 till to-date. As his commuted portion of pension was restored at present but the arrears wef 01-07-2013 were not granted.

Am I right ?

Answer: You are partly right.

Increases up to 1999 were granted by all Governments on gross pension (Commuted plus un-commuted).  So this employee got his 1999 increase on Gross Pension (Commuted plus un-commuted parts).

From 2001, increases were given on Net Pension only.  Not granted on Commuted part.

Increases for 2001, 2003, 2004   and so on up to 2012, were not given on Commuted Part.  Upon restoration on 1.7.2013, these increases will be calculated for determining the total and adding to Commuted Part from 1.7.2013.

Arrears in this case will be allowed on Restored + Increases from 2001 to 2012, with effect from 1.7.2013 up to Dec 2014, in Jan 2015.  Arrears for increases from 2001 to 2012 are not to be paid.


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23 thoughts on “Who would be Eligible for the Payment Plan Issued by the Punjab Govt for the Pensioners?

  1. My father was working in Irrigation Department Punjab and he expired during service in 1993. My mother being only wife of my father is drawing family pension after in-service death of my father. Is my mother eligible for restoration or Can she apply for restoration. Would you please like to tell me that if she can apply for restoration, please clarify rule or condition which can help us under restoration purpose.
    I will be highly thankful to you for this kind of attention / help. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated in this respect and I’ll also wait for your reply.

  2. Miss my Grand Father D.O.B on ID Card 1924 & Penson Book 1942. He Retired 01.07.1998 and receive Pension only 6700 . Is he Eligble for this. if Eligble Then please guide me on process.

  3. Medam Shumaila
    Mera Father Sindh Government Live Stock department main service karta thaa
    Mere Father ki Date of Birth hai
    Mere Father ki Date of Retirement hai
    Mere Father ki Date of Death hai
    Meri Mother ab family pension Le rahi hai please bataeye ga ke Meri mother ko Restoration Pension kab se milegi

  4. salam
    miss or sir
    my question is that my father retired in 10-8-2002 from punjab police & he died in 24-4-2014 so are we too eligible for this double pension restoration?
    kindly inform me



  5. Is the restoration of pension only for petitioner pensioners or for all pensioners? My father went to Bahawalpur accounts office but officer said that the benifit is only for pensioners who are the petitioners in supreme court.

  6. Aslaam o alikam ,what is the proceedure for receiving arrears of commuted pension for the pensioners who are not petitioners ,will they have to go to the court for this purpose .pls give your comments in detail.

  7. Asalaam o Alikum, Good effort. But i don’t think family pensioners will get this benefit.
    Punjab pension rules page 49, Bottom of the page. Can u plz confirm.


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