Finance Department Punjab Issued Notification of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension

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Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD-SR-III/4-41/2008 dated 22nd July 2014 in connection with Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension.

In compliance of detailed judgment of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 31st March 2014 in this case, para 16 (e) of this department’s letter No. FD.PC.2-1/2001 dated 22-10-2001 is hereby omitted and shall be deemed to have been so omitted ab anitio.

It is further directed to say that, for purpose of clarity, that, with omission of para 16 (e)  of this department’s O.M mentioned above, pensioners would be entitled to the benefit of restoration of commuted portion of pension in lieu of pension/gratuity in accordance with the applicable rules.

Special Thanks to Mr. Hamid Ullah for sending the copy of the Notification of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension.

What is para 16(e) of the Notification dated 22-10-2001?

The para 16(e) of the Federal Govt Notification & Punjab Govt Notification is the same. You can see the same para from the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2001. After reading the same you can see the clarification.

Summary of the Notification (By Mr. Amir Agha)

 According to the Oct 2001 orders, pensioners retiring under payscale-cum-pension scheme were no longer entitled to get their commuted part of pension restored.
Now that provision has been cancelled from the very beginning.

So the pensioners who retired or will retire 1.12.2001 onward, would have the right to get their commuted part of pension restored on expiry of the number of years for which pension was commuted.





Restoration Pension Punjab



Restoration Pension by Punjab




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19 thoughts on “Finance Department Punjab Issued Notification of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension

  1. R/ Mem,

    I was appointed as Primary School Teacher PSTon contract basis under Govt Of Sindh after passing Sindh university in April 2010,
    My question is that the Regularization Order issued,…………………….?

  2. DEAR MADAM .THANKS FOR HELPING THE EMPLOYEES BY POSTING RELEVANT NOTIFICATIONS. i need to know that notification for increase in pension july,1999 shows that this increase would also be admissible to the employees who would retire between 1/7/99 and introduction of revised pay scales. THE PAY SCALES AFTER 1994 WERE REVISED 0N 1/12/2001. Question arises if this increase 20% and 15% of 1999 is also admissible to the employee retired on 1/9/2001 and adopted scales of 1/12/2001.I shall be thanful for this kindness.

  3. Dear Madam! Asalam o Alaikum, meri walida jin ki umar ab 72+ sal h, jaisa k ap ne khushkhabri di k double pension ke benifits faimily pensioners ko bhi milain ga,magar 2016 ke increase m faimily pensioners ko 25% ki bajae 10% izafa dia gaya ha, jo k na insafi h, chonka pensioner agr khud zinda hota to apni umar (86y) ki waja se 25% azafa hasil krta, to phir faimily pensioner ko sath thaggi kiun k gae?
    2- Double pension policy k tahat pension & arears kitne banay gi? Please help!
    Particulars are as under:
    Haseena Begum (Faimily pensioner DOB;1944) Wido of Khalil Ahmad SST
    DOB:18.06.1931, DOR:17.06.1991, DOD:10.01.2000 Faimily pension start w.e.f.11.1.2000 Grass [email protected]/- Net pen @1030/- Restored date [email protected]/-

  4. Muhammad Yousaf (Signaller) · Edit

    Dear, i need a notification ” No.FD.SR.III-4/III/89 dated 22/07/1989″ if any friend send me this notification i shall be able to help a poor family by granting them their family pension, its only for help of poor. you can participate in this noble work.

  5. Sir, my father died in 2009 ,he was retired on 29-6-1989 at the age of superannuation.His pension was restored in 2004 .Now under the orders of the worthy Supreme court ,commutation of the period has been restored but all the benefits are given on 75% to my mother. Is it correct or my mother will get benefits on full pension.

  6. Hi Shumaila Kamal Sahiba, my father retired in Nov 1995, how he can be benefited with this? please help.
    You may contact me at my email address please.
    Your help is appreciated.


  7. AOA
    I want to know that any department may issue more than one notification on same subject to give extra benefits to few employees, In this way a great discrimination is created among the employees.
    Now the employees will not work according to law and regulations each and every one try to make the”BOSS” happy and glad. In such a way employees will become personal servants instead of government servants
    Is there any department/ authority in the country to control such type of conditions so that discrimination among the employees may be eliminated and mental tortures of employees may be removed so the efficiency of work will increase
    awaiting for your kind reply

  8. Hi Dear Sister Shumaila My dad retired in 1997 He was a Govt. Employee of Wireless Police Department KPK so kindly tell me is he entitled for This Grant ??? Waiting for ur reply.

  9. AOA
    In Punjab Government notification No.FD-SR-III/4-41/2008 dated 22-07-2014 the main benefit “increase on Gross pension” w.e.f. 01-12-2001 has not been allowed.
    Please comment.

    In this regard 1st-1st decision of Punjab Service Tribunal, Lahore High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan is required. I could not find it on web.

    Please send if possible.

    Nasir Sajid
    Accounts Officer
    Punjab Institute of Cardiology


    Respected madam,
    Please clarify the notification of Finance Department Punjab Issued Notification of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension. This restoration of pension will be whether to pensioners 2001 or for all categories of Punjab pensioners please clarify it .thanks

      1. in notification, there is another reference of the letter of 2001, please provide that letter also to make pensioners able to fight their cases.???


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