Notification of Clarification Financial Assistance Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-1/3-10/2004(P) dated 03-10-2017 in connection with Clarification Financial Assistance Punjab. Summary is as under:

I am directed to this Department’s circulate letter of even No. dated 15.08.2017, and subsequent clarification issued on 12.09.2017, on the subject cited above (copies enclosed), and further clarify the matte for the convenience and guidance of all concerned, as under:-

SR.No.                          ISSUES                        CLARIFICATION
    i) When will gratuity to the family of a deceased civil servant be paid, in case he is not entitled to grant of pension owing to less period service? At the time of death of the civil servant.
    ii) Should the deductions of Group insurance as well as Benevolent Fund continues or not? No deductions on account of Group insurance / Benevolent Fund will be made after the death of the civil servants.


Further details are available at the copy of the Notification. Special thanks to Mr. Ali Raza for sending the copy of the Notification of Clarification Financial Assistance Punjab.


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Clarification Financial Assistance Punjab


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