Govt has Lifted Ban on Appointments on Vacant Posts

Federal Govt has decided to lift ban on appointments on vacant posts in various Federal Govt departments and divisions. The Ministry of Finance has demanded the list of vacant posts in various departments and divisions up to 25th September 2012. The Govt wants to fill all the vacant posts in all the departments before the up-coming election 2013. There are so many vacant posts lying in various Govt departments. There are about 2100 vacant posts in the department of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), 250 vacant posts in Department of National Savings, more than 600 vacant posts under the ministry of Religious Affairs, In Industry and Utility Store Corporation there are more than 4000 vacant posts.

There are also so many vacant posts in Motorway Police that will be soon filled by the Federal Govt of Pakistan. According to the reliable sources there will be number of appointments in various Govt departments to fill the vacant posts before the up-coming election.


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One thought on “Govt has Lifted Ban on Appointments on Vacant Posts

  1. Kindly provide me the federal government notification during the year 2012 wherein the Government had lift the ban on appointment on vacant posts.

    I will be highly thankful for providing the requisite notification.

    Thank you,

    Alamzeb Khan


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