Answer of Various Questions asked by the Visitors of GLXSpace (Galaxy World)

I want to write an article about the questions received by me through email and their possible answers. I received so many questions during the last few days regarding various service matters. Many of these questions have been solved and their answers have been submitted through email to respective visitors. I want to publish these issues so that maximum visitors of (Galaxy World) can get guidance and information. Some of the Issues asked by the visitors are as under:

Service Related Issues

Some of the service related issues are as under for your guidance and information.

Annual Increment on Promotion In the Month June or Later

Annual Increment is only due when a Govt servant completes at least 6 months regular service in the same scale. If an employee joins duty in the month of June or later he/she is not entitled to avail Annual Increment. How ever in case of Promotion he/she can use the option of Option Certificate if it goes in his/her benefit and can avail the premature increment as well as Annual Increment. (Mr. Haroon Ghani & Muhammad Waqas)

Pension to the Widow of Adhoc Employee

The pension is not due to the Adhoc based or contract based employee. As in the appointment letter it is clearly written that the appointee the pay will not be used for pension purpose and there mentioned that these employees will not avail pension and gratuity. (By Mr. Mahboob Aalam)

Issue of Medical Allowance

Medical Allowance was frozen wef 01-07-2011. The employees who were drawing the Medical Allowance before 01-07-2011 will get the same Medical Allowance as they were drawing before 01-07-2011 wether they promote to BPS-22. (By Muhammad Tahir)

Payment of Interest on GP Fund Amount

According to my knowledge and discussion with the Accounts Office departments the interest on GP Fund amount is due up to 6 months after retirement. (By Naseer Abbasi- Principal)

Seniority List Matter

The employee who joined his duty 1st will be senior and the employee who is promoted after the date of joining the 1st one will be junior. (By Shahid Mahmood UDC FG College Okara)

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47 thoughts on “Answer of Various Questions asked by the Visitors of GLXSpace (Galaxy World)

  1. Salam
    Aik employees 17a k tahaat 1st scale ki job kar raha tha aor noc lay k wo teacher Bharti hoa kuch Waja sy teaching contract Khatam go guya. ab Kia wo apni pichli job pay wapas aa sakta ha?

  2. Aslam-O-Alaikum,
    If an employee reaches to maximum stage of BPS-13 as on 01-12-1993 and his Move Over becomes due w. e. f 01-12-1994. Meanwhile he is granted Selection Grade in BPS-15 w. e. f 05-09-1994. Can he exercise an Option for Refixation of Pay w. e. f 02-12-1994 after allowing Move Over w. e. f 01-12-1994? is there any provision under rules for this matter? Thanks.
    Junior Accountant
    Pakistan Post

  3. Agr April 2014 me as a ESE appointment ho or August 2019 me regular appointment ho jae as a PST
    1st December increment nh lgi. Lekin January 2019 se july 2019 ka contract period 6 months se zyada hy es saal ki na increment lgi na personal allowance brha?? 6 months se zyada contract period for the year 2019 ka financial benefit kia bnta hy??
    Plz guide

  4. Assalam o Alaikum Madam Shumaila!

    1. R pre-mature increments admissible to employees who were re-appointed before 2011?
    2. Is pay may b fixed wef 2 Dec after granting annual increment on 1 Dec in lower grade in case of RE-APPOINTMENT?

  5. میرا سوال یہ ہے اگر 17 اے کے تحت بھرتی ہونے کے لیے کلرک کی تعلیم انٹرہے اور وہ سکینڈ ڈویزن نہ ہو اور تھرڈ دویزن ہو اور ساتھ ہی وہ بی اے سکینڈ ہو تو کیا کلرک کے لیے اپلائی کر سکتا ہے

  6. Dear Sir, please tell me that if a govt regular employee transfer form one govt deptt to another and previous deptt grant him normal joining time period to join in new department, which deptt will pay for the joining time period, either previous or new deptt?

    Furthermore, please quote a rule for reference, please.


  7. Muhammad Yasir khan · Edit

    Dear Shumaila,
    Assalam o Alaikum

    My question is about lumsum grant in lieu of plot to the family of deceased federal govt employee,
    My father died last year and i’ve applied for plot grant but they are asking for “certificate of non allotment of plot from different agencies like KDA , MDA etc, we purchased a plot from MDA in taiser town by our own money and it was not given by govt, are we eligible for plot grant or not?

  8. Farhat Iqbal Kayani · Edit

    Asslamo alaikum,

    In dpc of 2013 ,my promotion case for sst to ss was existed, but a teacher who was far far junior to me in inter se seniority list of PPSC has been illegally promoted, I have informed the deptt about it.but got no reply, what should I do now ?please help me

  9. Respect Madam,
    I was appointed in Adhoc Capacity on 11-02-1996. On 21-04-1996 my services were ceased by the department without any reason but plea was taken that authority has appointed more official than he was allowed by the head of department. But he appointed some more official at the same time. I preferred a representation to department, I was again appointed in the same adhoc capacity on 22-07-1996. In such a way there was a gap of service from 21-04-1996 to 21-07-1996. On my re appointment on 22-07-1996 six months were not completed upto 30-11-1996 so I was not allowed annual usual increment on 01-12-1996. Later on , my services were regularized from the date of initial engagement. and department is considering my date of initial engagement as 22-07-1996. Can I claim to consider 11-02-1996 as my date of initial engagement? I have come to know that appointing authority can condone the interruption (deficiency) of service upto 06 months if any. Is it true? Can I claim condonation of my interruption of service from 21-04-1996 to 21-07-1996? If there is any rulling please provide me the same or guide the availability of it or book name etc. Thanks

  10. Hello madam…..
    I am working in federal governemnt on 2 year contract. My current scale is bps-14. In my department a post of bps -17 is vacant. I want to ask can i get that position on current charge basis
    As i am on contract.

  11. dearest shumaila i am thinking that you are expertise in service matters, my response to your post corresponidng to my earlier mail dated 09 juy 2013 in that i office clerk is responsible for file maintenance then why Govt recruited Daftry BS-04.

    i am searching/sorting official gazette or notification regarding limits and delimits of responsibility of each officer/official/individual please help in this regards. further please also help me regarding departmental examination for BS-17 for any shortcut if any is there.
    please also note my cellular no.0345-4536689

    1. Dear Hussain if there are no Daftary then it is the responsibility of the LDC etc there. Yeh behtar hay sub mil jul kar is zumma dari ko nibhain. About the 2nd question I am not aware.

  12. dearest madam

    please guide me whether shall obey the order of repairing of files/damage file as i am LDC
    BS-07 , is these are my part of duties or not ????

  13. AoA. Dear mera ek sawal hai mujhe pata chala hai ke naib qasid ko life me 2 times govt. 1 scale up kerti hai . mera pehlay 1 sclae tha mujhe 01-07-2007 mein 2 sclae mil gia us waqt mein federal govt mein tha. meri service 24 years ho chuki hai kia abb mujhe 3 sclae mil sakta hai. abb hamara centre 18 ammendment ke teht punjab provincial govt ko chala gia hai. Hoping an early reply. Thanks

  14. Dear Miss. Shumaila we are working in a new university and we are goining to start Pension section and trying to shift from CPF to GPF . in this mater, we need complete proceedures of service book , GPF formulas, and Pension calculations procedures. if you have any details / proceedures plz send us for our guidence.

    Best Regards
    Abid Ali

  15. Dear Admin!
    please mje ye batin k agr night duty clerk ki pocliy hai, mtlb ye k us k liye next day chuti hoti hia yar usy koi allowance wegra milta hia k ni. Army department k hawaly se answer kijega plz.

    1. Yar yhan kisi ko apney haqooq ka pata nahen.Madam se bat hoe thi…………anhon ne frmaya tha keh jis ki lathee aussi ki bhens… Bat yeh he keh yhan haqooq chenney pertey hen.Rule yeh he keh ager night duty he to subeh rest ho ge.Otherwise you will be paid over time.if your duty weekly or monthly changed and next shift start from morning similarly the doodle duty may be treated as roteen work.For your kind information when a driver works after office time he is paid by over etc this precise can be looked.

  16. According to Finance Department Punjab Lahore Notification No. FD-PC-2-1/77 dated 16.05.1977 ” A person possessing Master in Library Science is entitled to draw B-S 17 as personal scale”.

    You are, therefore, requested to kindly flourish the information regarding this notification and its further amendments. I come to know that Govt. of punjab totally baned all personal scales in Punjab. Madem please provide me information about personal scales and please send me the said notification. I shall be very thankful to you for this moderate cooperation.

  17. AOA,

    According to Finance Department Punjab Lahore Notification No. FD-PC-2-1/77 dated 16.05.1977 ” A person possessing Master in Library Science is entitled to draw B-S 17 as personal scale”.

    You are, therefore, requested to kindly flourish the information regarding this notification and its further amendments. I come to know that Govt. of punjab totally baned all personal scales in Punjab. Sir please provide me information about personal scales and please send me the said notification. I shall be very thankful to you for this moderate cooperation.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

          1. I need notification of Finance Department Punjab “A person possessing Master in Library Science is entitled to draw B-S 17 as personal scale”. and its further ammendments. Plz reply

  18. Correction Ms. Shumaila ;
    Maternity leave may be granted fro any number of kids;
    The relevant rule as per esta code is as below:-

    Maternity leave.- (1) Maternity leave may be granted on full pay, outside the
    leave account, to a female civil servant to the extent of ninety days in all from the date of its
    commencement or forty-five days from the date of her confinement, whichever be earlier.
    (2) Such leave may not be granted for more than three times in the entire service of
    a female civil servant except in the case of a female civil servant employed in a vacation
    department who may be granted maternity leave without this restriction.
    (3) For confinements beyond the third one, the female civil servant would have to
    take leave from her normal leave account.

  19. Correction Ms. Shumaila;

    Maternity leave is for three kids without deduction from leave balance. After 03 kids, maternity leave may be granted and will be deducted from accumulated balance of LFP leave. LFP ( Leave on full pay) is 48 leaves per year, balance of which is accumulated till retirement.

    1. Dear, maternity leave is allowed to vacation department employees (mostly education employees) as they enjoy the summer vacations without any restriction of 03 tenure of maternity leaves. Any maty leave taken above third will be deducted from leave account of non-vacation department employees only….

      1. Dear sara likha howa bijli band hone ki waja se………….Allah is mulk ko lotney walon ko halak kery…….o r is mulk ko aabad rakhey Aameen……….4 per month (4×12=48)are for other than education.In Education employ earn only 1 LFP for a month.age aty the time of appointment 22 years + for three kids 10=32 Leave earn in ten years 12×10=120.If she not availed LFP in ten year of her service then it can be deducted from her leave account other wise EOL also bo granted for her.Now she should wait about ten year more.After 47 year she will have only(12×5=60 days leave.She will get only 60 days LPR or 30 days leave enmeshment.Now a days she can not get 2 CL from her 25 Annual CL for her treatment Allah employ ko saber ……………..

  20. Dear Shumaila kamal main baaz dafa glaxy per post ki hui news ko criticize kar deta hon ap bura mat maniye ga.Q k baaz dafa news authentic nai hoti aur mattar pending main chala jata hai. kher ismy apka koi kasoor nai hota Q k apki afferde hoti ahi k logo ko ziada knowledge mil saky.

    mujh ko plz ye bata den k jub hum Lfp avail karty hain to conveyance all
    k alawa technical all kiyo deduct ho jata hai.

      1. I am employee of pakistan railway.MY current department name is railway train lighting (RTL). I get technical allowance on elect deptt basis.

        And some other employees are drawing technical and washing all with salary
        and same deduction problem with them.

        I hope u will give me batter solution to above mention problem via reply.

        1. Just w8 a few days i ll find the solution of it soon. In FGEI washing allowance is granted to the employeess even they on LPR. In the same way teaching Allowance is also granted but the technical allowance is not exists in FGEI. But i ll try to find the solution of it soon.

  21. Salam o alikum,
    myra aik masla hal kerain.
    1 lady teacher MTT Abbatabad sy hmary pas uss ny 02 Aug 2012 main joining di. Abbatabad school ny iss ki 37 days ki EOL (Extra Ordinery Leave) ki recovery kerny ky liye hmain letter likha. ham ny uss ki recovery nhi ki. kiwn ky wo lady aaj kal maternity leave per hy. iss ny hmary pass aa ker bhi EOL avail ki hain. ab ham uss ki during maternity leave recovery nhi ker sakty thy kiwn ky un ki majboori thi. wo nhi dy sakti thi. abhi tak ham uss ko pori pay dy rhy hain. aab aaj tak uss ki koi C.Leave baqi nhi hy. aur na hi uss ky leave account main ziada leave lyny ki ijazat hy.
    ab masla ye hy k kia wo jo maternity leave per hy. hm uss ki pori pay ki recovery kerain. ya sirf Convyance Allce hi cut ker lain. aap iss topic per tafseel sy jawab dain. mujy umeed hy aap iss ka jawab dy ker mamnoon e aehsan kerain gi. thanks.
    my email address: [email protected], [email protected]
    NOte: main ny aap ki email per Seniority list LDC’s ki soft copy send ker di hy.

    1. Agar wo Poori payment nahin kar sakti to Aap installment main cut kar lain. thori thori kar kay jama karwa dain. Audit objection to banay ga yeh agr yeh case pakra gia. Lekan usay kahain keh 2, 2, ya 3, 3 hazar TR per jama kar wa dia karay. Maternity leave sirf 3 bachoon ki birth kay liay hai.

      1. Thanks for Answer me.
        wo lady 3rd maternity leave per hy. leave credit main koi gunjaish nhi. ab jo maternity leave pr hy uss ka pta kerna hy k uss ko C.A cut ker ky pori pay dy sakty hain. ya 90 days ki sari pay cut ho gi.

      2. Mery bhae Leave rules men Due Leave ke mutalliq parho.yeh leave us mulazim ko di jati he jis ke chutti guzarney key bad wapis aane ky amkan baqi hon.Officer incharge ko ager yaqeen ho keh woh aa jey gi to use Due Leave de sakta he.yeh leave us ky future ke leave account se kati jae gi.


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