Clarification of Medical Allowance for FG Employees of BPS-16 to BPS-22

Govt of Pakistan Finance Division Regulation Wing has issued Notification No. F.No.1 (5) Imp/2011 (Pt)-902 dated 21st October 2013 regarding the clarification of the Medical Allowance for the employees of BPS-16 & above.

Before the issuance of this Notification there were many upgraded or promoted to BPS-16 or above employees who were drawing only Rs. 1000/- as Medical Allowance. Now it has been clarified through this Notification that they will be allowed to draw Medical Allowance @ 15% on the running pay as on 30-06-2011.

The explanation of new entrants is as under:

  • The new entrants in BPS-16 to BPS-22 through direct r recruitment/appointment on or after 01-07-2011 shall be allowed Medical Allowance @ 15% of initial of relevant pay scales 2008 wef the date of their appointment and shall stand frozen at the same level till further orders.
  • The new entrants in BPS-16 to BPS-22 by way of promotion/upgradation etc from BPS-01 to BPS-15 on or after 01-07-2011 shall be entitled to Medical Allowance @ 15% of pay that would have been admissible to them on 30-06-2011 in the relevant Baisc Pay Scales-2008 and shall stand frozen at the same level till further orders.
  • The admissible amount of Medical Allowance shall in no case, be less than Rs. 1000/-



Medical Allowance



This post has been delivered by Mr. Marghoob Alam &  Mr. Liaquat Kamboh.



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53 thoughts on “Clarification of Medical Allowance for FG Employees of BPS-16 to BPS-22

  1. I am govt employee since 2003 and now I has been promoted to BPS-16 on Sep,2018. How much is medical allowance.My Basic is “Rs41710”

  2. Respected Sir, I was promoted to the post of Superintendent (BS-16) on 15.11.2017. My basic pay was Rs. 12140/- on 30.06.2011 in BS-14. Please calculate my medical allowance in the light of Finance Division’s OM F.No.1(5)Imp/2011(Pt)-902, dated 21st October, 2013 regarding 15% (BS-16 to BS-22) as I am taking Rs.1500/- medical allowance presently.

  3. madam
    Government of Sindh kay mulzim ko ya medical allowance kab say mil raha hay our us ka koi notification hay to mehrbani karka bata dain, scale wise medical allowance charge hay to wo bi batadain
    BPS-16 Rs.2775
    BPS-17 Rs.3374
    BPS-18 ?
    BPS-19 ?
    BPS-20 ?

    1. Dear Abdul Sami pay scale wise especially for the Gazetted Employees is different for every employee as it was granted on current running basic pay and minimum can be calculated on the initial of Pay Scale 2008 and then it was frozen on 01-07-2011.

  4. Dear madam sub engineer B/R, E/M Gd-I (MES) has been up graded from BPS 11 to BPS 14 by the govt have you any information regarding other employees i.e (Store man BPS-5, J/Supervisor BPS-7).

  5. Dear Madam
    I am Federal Gov Employee (BPS-18) at Islamabad based university and my wife is also serving in the same university in BPS-18. What will be the medical allowance for us?

      1. Sorry I missed an important part, will we both get full allowance? currently we are getting something like Rs.4160/- each. For married employee, its around Rs.8000 if spouse is not Gov employee.
        Thanx for the immediate reply 🙂

  6. I am employee in BS-16 in punjab govt. currently drawing 909 as MA. So should i wait for Punjab Govt. Notification or can claim against the Fed. notification?

  7. dear shumaila! are armed forces personnel eligible for this allowance? since we are not getting this allowance but we are facilitated with free medical at CMH.

  8. I am APS, was upgraded in BPS-16 when all stenographers and Steno Typists were upgraded on 23 December 2011. In pay slip of June 2011, i was getting Basic Pay of Rs 11,100/- and PS of July it was increased upto 18,300/-, Accord’ng to June Pay Slip, i should get MA Rs 1665/- PM. I had upgraded in BPS 15 to BPS16 on 23-11-2011…. But still i’m getting the same Allowance.

    1 Main reason behind are the people who make our Pays in AGPR or CNA/ CMA who themselves have different grades/ ranks upgrade/ move over with due intervals and availing several types of INCOMEs (Allowances), they don’t have any pain OR interest for the others…

    I don’t know WHY Notifications of now-a days are NOT CLEAR that after NOTIFICATION Govt Issue ANOMOLY, then CLARIFICATIONS come in this regard…. Y it is so ….

    Wht would be my MEDICAL ALLOWANCE …

    1. Dear Batool this Notification has fully cleared that the employees who were upgradred after 30-06-2011 from BPS-01-15 to BPS-16 or higher will get the Medical Allowance on the pay that they were drawing on 30-06-2011.

      1. Thnx for ur so early reply,.

        i know abt that, I have not even a little bit of doubt abt it, but when i fight for this case, i sent my application with my arrears and dues, it was not entertained by CNA (Controller of the Naval Accounts) through which we get our Salaries.

        Even After Notification and Published Gazette (11 September 2013) , our department are not go’ng to agree to give us the facilities of availing privileges/ benefits like stamp .. (Even the Notification from Ministry of Defence has mentioned my name in Officer List but Our department is go’ng to accept the same). They are say’ng

        What privileges and benefits of an Officer can APS avail ?

        What are the Uniform Recruitment Rules which were said to be Changed (in Ministerial Rules)… ‘Cause Stenographer was a Technical post while APS is Ministerial Post… and We can now Promote uptil Grade-17 and More.

    2. In the light of Para 1(a) Finance Division (Regulations Wing)’s Office Memorandum No. 1(5)Imp/2011(Pt)-902 dated 21.10.2013, you are entitled for Medical Allowance @ Rs.1,262/- per month with effect from 23.12.2011 according to the following calculation:-

      On 30.06.2011 your Basic Pay in BS-15 of BPS-2008 was Rs.11,100/- per month.

      On 30.06.20111 your Basic Pay in the relevant BS-16 of BPS-2008 would be Rs.11,230/- per month.

      On 30.06.2011 your Basic Pay in the relevant BS-16 of BPS-2008 [after allowing one premature increment of Rs.470/- on up-gradation from BS-15 to BS-16, vide Finance Division (Regulations Wing)’s Office Memoranda No. 11(4)R-2/2011-1153/2013 dated 31.05.2013], would be Rs.11,700/- per month.

      15% Medical Allowance of Rs.11,700/- comes to Rs.1,755/-

      1. Basic Pay as on 30.06.2011 in BS-15 of BPS-2008 Basic Pay as on 30.06.2011 in relevant BS-16 of BPS-2008 Basic Pay as on 30.06.2011 in the relevant BS-16 of BPS-2008 after allowing one premature increment on promotion / upgradation, vide Finance Division (Regulations Wing)’s Office Memoranda No. 11(4)R-2/2011-1153/2013 dated 31.05.2013 15% of Basic Pay as in column (3), vide Para 1(b) of Finance Division (Regulations Wing)’s Office Memorandum No. 1(5)Imp/2011(Pt)-902 dated 21.10.2013 Employees, who promoted / upgraded from BS-15 to BS-16 are entilted of the following Medical Allowance, vide Paras 1(b) & 1 (c) of Finance Division (Regulations Wing)’s Office Memorandum No. 1(5)Imp/2011(Pt)-902 dated 21.10.2013
        (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
        0 5,220 6,060 6,530 980 1,000
        1 5,640 6,060 6,530 980 1,000
        2 6,060 6,060 6,530 980 1,000
        3 6,480 6,530 7,000 1,050 1,050
        4 6,900 7,000 7,470 1,121 1,121
        5 7,320 7,470 7,940 1,191 1,191
        6 7,740 7,940 8,410 1,262 1,262
        7 8,160 8,410 8,880 1,332 1,332
        8 8,580 8,880 9,350 1,403 1,403
        9 9,000 9,350 9,820 1,473 1,473
        10 9,420 9,820 10,290 1,544 1,544
        11 9,840 10,290 10,760 1,614 1,614
        12 10,260 10,290 10,760 1,614 1,614
        13 10,680 10,760 11,230 1,685 1,685
        14 11,100 11,230 11,700 1,755 1,755
        15 11,520 11,700 12,170 1,826 1,826
        16 11,940 12,170 12,640 1,896 1,896
        17 12,360 12,640 13,110 1,967 1,967
        18 12,780 13,110 13,580 2,037 2,037
        19 13,200 13,580 14,050 2,108 2,108
        20 13,620 14,050 14,520 2,178 2,178
        21 14,040 14,050 14,520 2,178 2,178
        22 14,460 14,520 14,990 2,249 2,249
        23 14,880 14,990 15,460 2,319 2,319
        24 15,300 15,460 15,930 2,390 2,390
        25 15,720 15,930 16,400 2,460 2,460
        26 16,140 16,400 16,870 2,531 2,531
        27 16,560 16,870 17,340 2,601 2,601
        28 16,980 17,340 17,810 2,672 2,672
        29 17,400 17,810 18,280 2,742 2,742
        30 17,820 18,280 18,750 2,813 2,813

  9. I was promoted from Assistant BPS-14 to Superintendent BPS-16 on November, 2012. Still my Medical Allowance is Rs.1000/- only. According to this Office Memorandum my Medical Allowance will be Rs. 1707/- (Increase of Rs.707/-). I am the employee of Balochistan Government. This Office Memorandum also sent to all Provincial Chief Secretaries and Finance Secretaries. Provincial Government will issued separate Office Memorandum in this regard or not? and what will be the position of Provincial Government employees according to this Office Memorandum regarding Medical Allowance? Shumaila ji please explain.

  10. شماھیلہ جی مین نومبر ۲۰۱۲ کو اسسٹنٹ بی پی ایس ۱۴ سے سپرٹینڈنٹ بی پی ایس ۱٦ کو پروموٹ ھوا۔ میرے کلکولیشن کے مطابق میرے میڈیکل الاءونس مین۷۰۷ روپے کا اضافہ ھو گا۔ اس وقت گریڈ ۱٦ مین بھی مجھے صرف ۱۰۰۰ روپے میڈیکل الاءونس مل رھا ھے اس نئے نوٹیفیکیشن کے مطابق میرے میڈیکل الاءونس ۱۷۰۷ روپے بنتے ھین۔ لیکن مین بلوچستان کے صوبائی حکومت کا ملازم ھون۔ اس نئے آفیس میمورنڈم کی کاپی تمام صوبائی چیف سیکریٹری اور فنانس کو بھی بھیجی گئ ھے۔ کیا صوبائی حکومتین الگ سے آفیس میمورنڈم جاری کرینگے یا وھی کافی ھے اور ھان مجھے پچھلے ایریئر ملین گے یا نھین کیونکہ آفیس میمورنڈم مین وضاحت نہین ھے۔ صوبائی حکومت کے ملازمین کا پوزیش کیا اور کیسے ھو گا۔

  11. Respected Mam A.A,
    I am serving in BS#17 in FGEI, please tell me that what will be my Medical Allowance? i had joined this department in 04-12-2012.

  12. Dear AoA

    Please tell me can i get 15% MA, i have been re-appointed in BPS-16 on 17-12-2012 and i am getting Rs.12400/- as Basic pay now. what should be my MA ????? that i am getting MA
    Rs. 1000/-


  13. Muhammad Naeem siddique · Edit

    Dear Shumaila
    The Federal Govt. has allowed and issued the notification of premature increment for those posts which have been upgraded. But Punjab Govt. has not yet been issued the notification in this regard. All the employees who have been upgraded especially of secretariat should raise this point and get issue the notification in this regard. Punjab govt. employees should geared up themselves. “Kuch garam garam aur purjosh jazba chahiye”. Fight for your rights. WHAT DO U SAY?


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