Notification of Clarification about Admissibility of Adhoc Allowance 2010 & ARA 2011 on Promotion/Up-gradation to Higher Scales after 30-06-2010

Govt of the Punjab Finance Department Lahore has issued Notification No. FD.PC.2-2/2010 dated 2nd May 2013 in connection with the Admissibility of Adhoc Allowance 2010 &  Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 on Promotion or Up-gradation of an employee to Higher Scales after 30th June 2010.

It is stated that a question has arisen about admissibility of Adhoc Allowance 2010 @ 50% of the existing basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2008 and Adhoc Allowance 2011 @ 15% of the existing basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2008 to those who have been promoted/upgraded to higher pay scales after 30-06-2010.

Punjab Govt Employees in BPS-01 to 22 were allowed AA-2010 @ 50% of the existing basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2008 wef 01-07-2010 vide Notification dated 15-07-2010. Therefore it was clarified vide Para 2 (ii) of circular letter dated 12-01-2011 that on promotion from lower to higher scale after 30-06-2010 the said allowance @ 50% along with Medical Allowance will be allowed on existing basic pay as on 30-06-2010.

Similarly Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 @ 15% of the existing basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2008 was allowed wef 01-07-2011 vide Para 7 of notification dated 11-07-2011. Both the allowances were also allowed to the new entrants i.e who were appointed after 01-07-2011 @ 50% & 15% respectively of the minimum of relevant Basic Pay Scales 2008 vide Para 6 (ii) & 7 (ii) of the notification dated 11-07-2011.

An anomalous situation emerged between Govt servants already in service and new entrants appointed subsequently. On one hand employees who were already in Govt service and were promoted/upgraded after 30-06-2010 continued to draw both the allowances at the level of admissibility as on 30-06-2010 on the basis of their basic pay scales in lower scale even if was lower than the minimum of pay scales against which the employees were promoted to higher pay scales or placed in the higher pay scales through up-gradation. On the other hand the new entrants who came into service after 30-06-2010 or even after 01-07-2011 were allowed both allowance @ 50% & 15% of the minimum of the relevant of the existing basic pay of the Basic Pay Scales 2008 vide Paras 6 (ii) & 7 (ii) of the notification dated 11-07-2011.

In view of the above, the employees promoted/up-graded to higher scales after 30-06-2010 are entitled to Adhoc Allowance 2010 & Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 @ 50% & 15% respectively of their basic pay of Basic Pay Scales 2008 as on 30-06-2010 subject to 50%/15% of the minimum of pay scales of Basic Pay Scales 2008 against which these employees have been promoted/up-graded and the rates of both the allowances would be frozen at that level. As far as the new entrants appointed after 01-07-2011 are concerned they would continue to draw both the allowances @ 50% & 15% of the minimum of the relevant pay scales of Basic Pay Scales 2008 as per policy envisaged at Paras 6 (ii) & 7 (ii) of the notification dated 11-07-2011.






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62 thoughts on “Notification of Clarification about Admissibility of Adhoc Allowance 2010 & ARA 2011 on Promotion/Up-gradation to Higher Scales after 30-06-2010


    I got promoted from bps 17 to bps
    18 in December. 2015,in November. 2015 I was drawing ARA [email protected],MEDICAL ALLOWANCE 1960,IN BPS 18,I AM DRAWING SAME ARA 2010 AND MEDICAL ALLOWANCE,which is less than ?initial of bps 18 ARA 2010 AND MEDICAL ALLOWANCE SO WHAT SHOULD I DOO

  2. Protection of ARA 2010,MEdical allowance 2010,upon promotion,m question is now we are in 2017,is this notification applied to any govt Punjab employee?readers requested to give me feed back so that I will apply for same

  3. Dear madam AOA.
    Ma 2011 ma pst bps 07 (in kpk) ma tainat waqat ma 2010 allowance 1765 aur 2011 allowance 530 le raha tha 1 saal baad ma bps 12 ma promote hua . Lakin ma abi b 2010 aur 2011 ka same amount le raha mera haq nahe bantha k ma esko 12 scale k mutabiq loo?

  4. Madam, I have been appointed as admin officer in Bps-16 on 03-10-2011 and receiving medical allowance Rs. 1000/-. At this time, Medical Allowance of Rs. 1200/-is admissible from bps 01- to bps 15. kindly guide me about the admissibility of medical allowance.Is it Rs. 1000 admissible to or Rs. 1200/-??? thanks

  5. Muhammad Wseem Tariq · Edit

    Main 50% and 15% (BS-7) py ly raha tha kya promotion k bad kya (BS-9) 2008 ke basic per 50% & 15% mily ga.

    1. new scale ka 2008 BPS ka milna chahiye
      Government of Punjab Fin Deptt
      Letter No.FD.PC.2-2/2010, dated Lahore 2nd May 2013.

  6. Kindly tell any letter for the permanent of the employees that are on the project and are on contract.

    if there is any it will support a lot of other department employees that are fighting to get permanent aur filed the case in the court to get their rights

  7. salam madam,
    i am selected as 17 scale Medical Officer in Punjab, i am not given pay yet but my other friends who are working in other districts are not getting adhoc relief 2010 which is @50% of 2008 basic. their finance departments are saying that govt had ceased the adhoc relief 2010 now. kindly put some light on this matter is it true??
    also if i have joined on Dec 2013 then what adhoc allowances will i get?? 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 ???
    thanks in anticipation

    1. Dear Dr. Ahmed 2010,2011 kay allowances freeze huay hain cease nahin. Yeh aap ko kisi nain wrong info di hay. Aap ko yeh allowance 2008 ki initial per milain gay. aour 2012 & 2013 kay allowances running per milain gay. Thanks

      1. another thing which i want to know that my HRA is 2955.. and CA is 5000. But i have seen some people here talking about HRA is 4000,
        can you kindly clear this matter?? as i have got my salary slip and my HRA is 2955.

        BPS 16000
        CA 5000
        HRA 2955**

  8. dear sister,
    A.A i was est in grade 14. My 50% is 4360 and 15% is 1413 respectively .on 25-08-2010 , i was promoted in grade 15. Will there be any change in my allowances according to the notification? or not.

    1. Dear Shugifta, there will be sure in change of your 50% & 15%. These will be on the new running fix pay in BPS-15 as on 25-08-2010 or if you opt to fix your pay on 02-12-2010, then these will be on the running baisc pay as on 02-12-2010.

  9. Dear Assalamoalikum,

    i have been promoted from BPS 12 to 15 w.e.f. 1.7.2012, now the question is that whether i am able to get premature increment or not and furthermore whether i am entitle to get adhoc relief 2010 & 2011 please confirm it.

    1. Dear Imran if you fix ur pay on 01-07-2012 then u ll not be eligible for annual incremnet although u ll get the premature increment. If you opt to fix ur pay on 02-12-2012 in Bps-15 after availing annual increment in BPS-12, then u ll get the Annual Increment as well as Premature Increment on Promotion. You are also eligible to get the ARA 2010 & 2011 but at the same rate that you are already availing.

  10. Dear sister i want to know that Punjab GOVT. issued notification regarding premature increment increment for upgraded posts or not?

  11. O behin gee 2 dfa Email ki hy aap ko. meri appointment 26-10-2009 ki hy as SESE in 14 scale when my basic pay was 4920 then 50% allowance was given 2460 in 2010, and in 2011 my basic was 5300 so allowance was given 795. now from 02-04-2012 I joined through new appointment through proper channel as SSE in 16 scale but I am receiving same adhoc allowances of BPS 14 2460 and 795 respectively, where as my friends who were appointed 1st time are receiving 3030 and 909 as adhoc allowances. Now I want to ask what is benefit for me from this notification??? ore agr yeh increase hon gay to kis date sy hon gay.. kindly inform me

      1. main ore mery friends ny aik hi date means 02-04-2012 per BPS 16 join kia hy lekin mujhy ARA 2010 & 2011 allowances 14 waly mil rahay hain ore un ko 16 waly, is notification sy mujhy koe faida nahi ho ga kya?

          1. Dear Deepak Raj, Sindh Govt employees bhi is notification say faida utha saktay hain aour sindh Govt say isi kay mutabiq Allowance hasil kar saktay hain. Agar wo nahin mantay to Sindh Govt new Notification jari kar sakti hay.

  12. I am working as LDC (BPS-07) wef 25-08-2007. My first basic pay is 2940/- PM. Is my basic pay is fixed when LDC promoted from BPS-05 to BPS-07. when i applied LDC BPS is 05. On test interview i received call letter which mentioned that LDC BPS-07. Is premature increment applies on me or not.

  13. muhammad tahir rasul · Edit

    Dear sister.


    1. Dear Muhammad Tahir, plz read the notification again carefully and there you ll see that there is mentioned the Medical Allowance but only one word. And I hope this one word will help you.

  14. Salam
    Madam you wrote you will inform the employees by f.b where as you reject my acceptance in f.b
    Contradictions what you say and what you write.

    1. Dear Hamid you can email me ur issue as my FB list is full i.e 5000 friends and i can no more ad friends there according to FB policies. you can like mine face book Employees Corner page to get the updates if you have any issue regarding your service dont hesitate to email me . Thanks

  15. muhammad tahir rasul · Edit

    dear siste,r
    A.A i was promoted as SST on 26-08-2010 from SV teacher and my basic pay at that time was RS 10620 as sv and 50 percent was given RS 5310. As SST my pay was fixed at RS 11230 according to pay scales 2008.And in 01-02-2012 I was selected as senior HM through ppsc and my basic pay was adjusted RS 20000.please let me know my new fifty percent and fifteen percent according to new notification wef 02-05-2013.

        1. A.A i was promoted as Instructor on 19-02-20113 from Jr.Instructor BS-14 and my basic pay at that time was RS 19590 as Jr.Instructor BS-14 and 50% was given RS 5500. As Instructor BS -17 my pay was fixed at RS 20800 according to pay scales 2011.please let me know my new fifty percent and fifteen percent according to new notification wef 02-05-2013.

          1. Dear Ehsan sb yeh simple sa formula hay keh, agar aap ka 50% etc 01-07-2011 say pahlay aour ya phir us kay baad BPS-17 ki initial pay according to 2008 pay scales calculate karo jo bhi ziada ho usay accept kar lo.

  16. Sorry sister mera aaj GAT ka test tha is leay reply na kr ska. meri SESE ki appointment 2009 ki hy is post per mujy (adhoc @ 50% 2010) 2460 milty thy ore (adhoc @ 15% 2011) 795 milty thy, jab 2012 may meri new appointment hue to mujhy SESE 14 BPS waly allowances hi mil rahay hain jab k jin ki appointment 2012 may hue un ko yehi allowances 3030 and 909 mil rahay hain, aap sy pucha yeh tha k is notification sy mujhy kya faida ho ga? agr faida ho ga to kis date sy ho ga?

  17. Shumaila Behna I was appointed as SESE in 2009 and then appointed as SSE in 2012. my 2010 adhoc allowance was 2460, and ARA 2011 was 795 when I was SESE, on upgradation newly appointed educaters are getting 3030 ARA 2010 while I am getting 2460. kya ab mujhy koe benefit ho ga???

  18. My younger Sister appointed as ESE (BPS 9) in 2009, then promoted as SESE (BPS 14) in 2010. In 2012 she promoted as SSE (C-B).

    How this notification will benefit her?


    1. Dear Saleem Akhtar, This notification protects the allowances, some times on going to higher scales these allowances are less than the new entrants. In this notification it is stated that they will not get less allowances than the new entrants. Plz read the notification carefully for full detail.

  19. I was SESE(BPS-14) from 1 feb 2011 to 2 April 2012, I applied for SSE through proper channel and selected, started from 3 april 2012..
    How I am benefited by this notice???

      1. I am quite unable to understand

        (((allowances will be protected and will not be less than the new entrants)))

        plz tell me clearly what do you mean??

        1. Dear Fahad, Suppose an employee is getting Rs.1200/- @ 15% of basic pay as Adhoc Allowance in BPS-14 and he is promoted to BPS-17. After promotion in BPS-17 he will not now get Rs. 1200/- but now he will get 1478/- @ 15% of the initial of BPS-17 according to the Basic Pay Scales 2008. I think now u have understand it.


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