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Notification of Phase out Two years BA/BSc & MA/MSc Programmes by HEC

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Notification No. 9-2(16)/Phasing out BA/BSc/Curri/HEC/2016/982 dated 15-02-2017 has been issued regarding Notification of Phase out Two years BA/BSc & MA/MSc Programmes by HEC.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), after through deliberation, has decided to phase out 2-years BA/BSc and MA/MSc programmes from academic year 2018 and 2020, respectively.

A committee of experts from different universities, constituted by HEC, has devised a mechanism to accommodate existing BA/BSc students into 4-year BS programmes. After analyzing BA/BSc programmes of different universities, the committee proposed a bridging semester as a foundation for such students to enter fifth semester of 4-year prograqmme.

However, if a student opts to exit after two years, he/she will be awarded a two-year Associate Degree.

In this regard, a notification has been issued to all concerned institutions so that the students are not affected by any sudden move, and universities and colleges gradually adapt to the new scheme of studies.

Special thanks to Mr. Zeshan Muhammad for sending the copy of the Notification of Phase out Two years BA/BSc & MA/MSc Programmes.

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  • aslam o laqum,

    can any body have the HEC notification showing that mphil and PhD are equivalences to research experiences.
    urgently needed response from all of you. please.


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