Notification Increase Pension 2017 by Federal Government

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification on 03-07-2017 in connection with Notification Increase Pension 2017 by Federal Government. Detail is as under:


Notification Increase Pension 2017

The president has been pleased to sanction an increase @ 10% of net pension with effect from 1st July 2017.

15% increase in pension 2010 shall discontinue for those who would retire on or after 01-07-2017.

The pension increase granted in 2011, 2015,2016 will continue to the new pwnsioners who would retire on or after 01-07-2017.

Other details are available at the copy of the Notification.


It is to mention here that the Federal Government has also issued the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2017 on 3rd July 2017.


Notification Increase Pension 2017

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6 thoughts on “Notification Increase Pension 2017 by Federal Government

  1. PML (N) is not good government to lookafter the pensioner. Prime Minister is requested to prepare monthly budget of a pensioner who receive Rs. 15000/- pension which comes to Rs. 500/- per day. PM tell me how a pensioner will manage his monthly expenses of school going children, medical and other basic allied necessities. For GOD sake, please took pity on pensioner.

  2. Thanks for updating.
    The MLN is show so bad for Pension Person only Increase
    2013 Increase 10%
    2014 increase 10%
    2015 Increase 10%
    2016 increase 7.5%
    2017 increase 10%
    and PPP is so good because they think Older person
    2008 Increase 20%
    2009 Increase 20%
    2010 increase 15% with Medical 25%
    2011 Increase 20%
    2012 Increase 20%
    When A Older pension person in a old age >60 so
    he need Vitamin Thing
    Apple fruit is Rs 250/- KG
    Other All fruit is more then Rs 100/-
    They Need Medical Checkup
    a good doctor fee is Rs 2500/- who can a pension afford
    They Need Medicine a small medicine is more then Rs 100/- Then eat daily many medicine
    They need Meat but they not afford
    Many other thing pensioner need but no body think about pension person
    GOVT think only on duty Employee because they going job
    Think about this
    Thanks for reading


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