Clarification Deduction Group Insurance Contribution of the Assistants (BPS-15)

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification on 07-05-2018 in connection with Clarification Deduction Group Insurance Contribution of the Assistants (BPS-15). Detail is as under:

The undersigned is directed to refer to the above noted subject and to state that Finance Division has been receiving references from various Ministries/Division/Departments regarding clarification on whether the deduction of Group Insurance Fund is to be made from the salary of post of Assistant (BPS-16) or otherwise.

The matter has been considered in Finance Division. It is clarified that in accordance with Establishment Division`s O.M. No.1/13/96-R-6 dated 10-08-2016, the post of Assistant has been upgraded from BPS-14 to BPS-15 and the existing incumbents are allowed grant of BPS-16 as one time dispensation. Further, Establishment Division vide O.M. No.7/6/2002-R-6 (Pt-II) dated 11-01-2017, has clarified that substantive pay of the post of Assistant is in BPS-15 and it pay in BPS-16 in only a grant, Hence, the post remains non-gazetted. Therefore, the Government would pay contribution of Group Insurance Fund for Assistants and it should not be deducted from their salary.


Deduction Group Insurance


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