Updates of Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019 and Other Governments

I shall share here the detailed article regarding Updates of Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019 and Other Governments like Federal Govt, KPK Govt etc. The main focus is on the Supreme Court decision on Group Insurance for the employees who retire. Lets proceed further with the Group Insurance situation.


Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019


I received a letter of the dated 23-04-2019 by the Government of Punjab. This Notification totally negates the Group Insurance to the retired employees. Let’s see what this letter says,

“I am directed to refer your letter No.DIR(CC)/PST/19/CMO270618 Dated 03rd April, 2019 on the subject cited above.

I am further directed to state that, the Welfare Fund was established for the relief and security of Punjab Government Employees and their families, under the Punjab Government Employees Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1969.

Group Insurance is governed by the Punjab Government Employees Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1969, in accordance with the section 5 of the Punjab Government Employees Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1969 which states as under:-

“The arrangement to be made with an insurance company or other insurer

Under clause (a) of sub-section (3) of section 4 shall be to the effect that

On the death [13] [caused due to any reason other than war, invasion or

Civil war], of a Government servant of thee class specified in column 1

of the Schedule, the sum specified against that class of Government servant

in column of the Schedule be paid.”

It is therefore, inferred that, no benefit is admissible to a Government Servant at the time of retirement under the existing law / rules relating to Group Insurance. In case of death of a Government Servant In service or within five years of retirement his or her nominated family member / members are entitled for Group Insurance Benefits.

The complainant, in his complaint has requested for the final payment of Group insurance of Government Servants who reached the superannuation as per judgment of Hon`ble Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Law enunciated by the Higher Courts under Art, 201 of the constitution become a binding precedent for all the forums within the Province, hence, judgment dated 03.11.2016 passed by the Peshawar High Court, Peshawar has no binding effect upon the courts / authorities in Punjab.”



Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019


Peshawar High Court Decision on Group Insurance


You see that there is mention of the Peshawar High Court Decision in the above letter of the Punjab Govt. Lets see what the Peshawar High Court orders are in the matter. Some contents of the Peshawar High Court Decision are as under:

“It is therefore most humbly prayed that non-payment of Group Insurance amount on retirement to petitioners at the time of their retirement by the respondents may be declared as illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional, violation of fundamental rights of the petitioners. The respondent may further please be directed to make arrangements for the payment of Group Insurance amount to the petitioners to save the retired pensioners / petitioners from the hardships in their old ages. Any other remedy which this august Court fir and not specially prayed for, that may also be granted in favour of petitioners.


Peshawar High Court orders on Group Insurance Updates of Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019 Peshawar HC Group Insurance Notification Punjab Government 2019


Supreme Court of Pakistan Decision


Supreme Court of Pakistan has also issues its decision regarding the final payment of Group Insurance on the retirement of the employee. You can see in the Supreme Court Judgment Regarding Group Insurance they have been granted the right. In these orders Supreme Court of Pakistan has maintained the decision of Peshawar High Court and allowed Group Insurance on retirement.


Supreme Court Orders Group Insurance



Final Payment of Group Insurance Sindh Employees on Retirement


You can also get the updates of the Final Payment of Group Insurance Sindh Employees on their retirement from service after attaining the age of superannuation.  In this regarding the same is also in progress in the province of Sindh. As soon as I get the further updates in this regard I shall share for the information of the Sindh Government employees.



Notification of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan


The contents of this Notification are as under:-


“With reference to your letter No. Actt/D&SI/SUKKUR/2095-2019 Dated 04-02-2019, and application of Aijaz Ali Memon (Retired Officer Superintendent) on subject cited above.

The brief facts regarding Group Insurance Policy and coverage to Government of Sindh Employees under Group Insurance Policy regarding Coverage after  Superannuation (60 Years are as under:

State Life, Group and Pension Karachi Zone, provides the Group Insurance Coverage to all in service employees and post retirement coverage to all those employees of Government of Sindh who retires on or after 01-07-2002 and died within five years (05) after superannuation (60 Years), are eligible for Group Insurance payment As per the Agreement / (contract made between Government of Sindh (Finance Department) and State Life.

Further, the above named applicants should contract with his Employees for implementation purpose, as prayed in this application regarding the coverage of Group Insurance to all retired employees in the light of Judgment of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil Petition No. 11-P of 2017 in appeal against the judgment of Peshawar high Court Peshawar passed in Writ Petition No. 1355-P/2013 under the Article 199 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973.”


State Life Corporation Group Insurance


Group Insurance Updates WAPDA by Mehfooz Ahmad Khan


Group Insurance WAPDA

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  1. What is the update on the part of Federal Govt. I mean those federal govt. employees who got retired from service. Any letter / update may be intimated, please.

  2. Few days back Islamabad High Court also dismissed petition of a retired federal govt employee seeking payment of group insurance in the light of Supreme Court judgement.

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