Supreme Court Judgment Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement

I shall share today the Supreme Court Judgment Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement of the Government employees. I am receiving daily emails regarding the same and I tried my best to get the supreme court of Pakistan decision regarding the GI on retirement. However respectable Engr. Muhammad Zafar Paracha today shared me the SC Orders regarding Group Insurance. Summary of the same is as under:


SCP Judgment Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement


Facts in brief of the subject are as under:-

  1. That the government introduced a scheme known as Group insurance Scheme under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government employees Welfare Funds Ordinance 1969, whereby Deduction of Group Insurance was made from every employee in his salary the payment of which was made to the employee who died during service and not to retired.
  2. That the respondents/retired employees filed writ petition No.1355-P/2013 before the Hon`ble Peshawar High court, Peshawar wherein comments was called from the petitioner’s which were filed accordingly.
  3. That the Hon`ble Peshawar High Court, Peshawar accepted and allowed the writ petition of respondents vides order dated 3/11/2016 in WP NO.1355 –P/2013.
  4. That the petitioners challenged the judgment and order of the Hon`ble Peshawar High Courts, Peshawar dated 3/11/2016 of WP NO.1355-P/2013 in CPLA No.11-P/2017 which was dismissed vide order dated 15/2/2018.
  5. That this august Court while dismissing the CPLA No.11-P/2017 vide judgment and order dated 15/2/2018 has not adverted to the impugned points in review.
  6. That the petitioners seek indulgence of this august Court for review of its judgment and order dated 15/2/2018 in CPLA No.11-/2017 (details are available at the copy of the decision).


Download Supreme Court Judgment Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement


Final Orders of Supreme Court Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement






                        MR.JUSTICE UMAR ATA BANDIAL  .    J

  1. JUSTICE NIAZ UL AHSAN.            J



 03.11.2016 OF THE Peshawar High Court, Peshawar,

Passed in WP MP.1365 P/2013)

Govt. of KPK through Chief Secretary Peshawar

and others                                                                                         Petitioner (s)


Fida Muhammad Durrani and others                                           Respondent (s)

For the petitioner (s)                        Mr.Zahid Yousuf Qureshi/ Add.A.G

For the Respondent (s)                   Mr. Asif Yousafzai. ASC

Date of hearing                                15.02.2018


            MIAN SAQAB NISAR. CJ:   Having heard the learned Additional Advocate General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as learned council for the respondent s. We do not find any illegality in the impugned judgment calling for interference Dismissed accordingly.

                                                                                                            Sd/- HCJ

Sd/- J



It is to mention here that the case of Group Insurance on Retirement in Punjab and Sindh is also in process. I hope soon the concerned departments will provide the further updates in this regard I have also shared the latest updates for Federal Government employees Group Insurance on Retirement. As soon as I get the further updates on the topic I shall share here for the information of the concerned.


Judgment Regarding Group Insurance


So keep tuned with us for further updates of GI amount on retirement for Federal and Punjab Government retired employees and it will be also helpful for those who will retire in future. If you have any question / query /suggestion please feel free to comment below in the comments section.

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25 thoughts on “Supreme Court Judgment Regarding Group Insurance on Retirement

  1. My father retired from wapda in grade 19 on January 1997 from Sunny view office near Shimla Pahari, Lahore. Please reply from where he can receive the payment of group insurance.

  2. My father was Hawaldar in Army. He died in 2000 before retirement. Is there any kind of insurance benefits for such deceased persons regarding this group insurance? Please share the details and notification if any.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. My father retired in 2013 on attaining the age of retirement from health department Govt of Sindh. Is he eligible for this insurance? Further also if you could please share the orders from SC and Sindh HC regarding same.

    1. It is an opportunity to all those employees who were deprived off but now, Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan issued this order for early payment of GLI to everyone, who remained in government service and now retired from….

  4. I retired from government service in February 2007 on completion of 25 years service. Kindly let me know that am I entitled to receive amount of group insurance?

    Will appreciate early response in this regard.

  5. Mera walid sahib kpk me augut 2017 me govt service se retire hogaya ta 14 scale me 60 years age me. Osko kp govt ne Retirement benefits and death compensation head se 89000 rupy diay hain. Kya unko b ye group insurance wali raqam milegi

  6. جو ملازم ساٹھ سال کی عمر پوری ہونے سے پہلے ریٹائر ہو گیا ہے لیکن سروس پچیس سال سے زیادہ ہے کیا اسے بھی گروپ انشورنس ملے گی یا نہیں؟ پلیز ضرور بتائیں ۔

      1. aoa
        Sir, kindly make it clear for me that either there’s the same policy for compulsory retirement or only those retired perons are entitled to rvc such insurance amount who’ve completed at least 25 yrs of SVC??

      2. السلام وعلیکم
        سر گروپ انشورنس کیس کا فیصلہ کب ہوگا اس بارے کوئی تفصیلی پوسٹ شئیر کریں ا

  7. In my salary slip, there was no mention of group insurance recovery in deduction column. Then it means I am not eligible to receive group insurance under the order of said SC Order. Please comment.

  8. Federal Govt Employee ko konsa department Group Insurance payment garey ga. Tamam scales k employee ko retirement k baad group insurance milaey gi. Claim karney ka tatika kia hoga

  9. Sahibzada Riaz Noor · Edit

    I retired as civil servant in 2009 in BPS- 22.Do I stand to benefit from this SC Judgement and if so how? How can I claim payments if they are due to me?

  10. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar · Edit

    Assalam o Alaikum
    I am thankful to you for your information regarding rules and regulation. The undersigned talked with Incharge Postal life insurance regarding disbursement of Group Insurance on retirement but they refused saying that no orders have been received from any corner. please guide me in this regard


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