Final Payment of Group Insurance on Retirement on Superannuation

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Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division has issued letter on 05-03-2019 in connection with Final Payment of Group Insurance on Retirement on Superannuation as per judgment of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Detail is as under:

Enclosed please find herewith an application, addressed to Establishment Secretary, received from SM Qaiser, Vice Chairman, All Pakistan Clerks Association (Federal), on behalf of employees of Pak PWD on the subject noted above.

2.   Federal Employees Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds is requested to examine the above application and convey the outcome direct to the applicant, under intimation to this Division.

                Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Khalid for sending the copy of the letter of Final Payment of Group Insurance on Retirement on Superannuation.

Final Payment of Group Insurance on Retirement

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37 thoughts on “Final Payment of Group Insurance on Retirement on Superannuation

  1. I retired voluntarily from federal govt after completing almost 35 years of service at the age 54. is it admissible for me and what is the procedure to apply for this opurtunity ?

      1. AOA, dear, Lahore High Court’s Judge justice Muhammad Sajid Mahmood Sethi has passed orders on 18.3.2019 regarding grant of 2% extra pension for each year after completion of 30 years service upto 10% which was withdrawn in 2001 by Musharaf Government in petition 3869 of 2019 by Rashid Ahmad and others vs Finance Secretary, , Finance Department, Government of the Punjab. Do you know about further action taken by the Punjab Government.

  2. Hidayatullah shah · Edit

    clarification is required about following:
    1. Is it admissible to those retired employees whose full pension has been restored.
    2. Is it admissible to those employees who retired before superannuation.

  3. i need to know Group insurance payment rule to pensioner who dies within 5 years after retirement. DEO(W-EE) rejected my claim on the basis that Group insurance payment is applicable to heirs of those deceased pentioners who retired on superannuation(60 years age completion) .while in my case the pensioner retired at the age of 56 years and after 31 year service. please guide me in this regard

  4. محترم سر جو پہلے سے رئٹائرڈ ہوچکے ہیں اُن کا کوئی نوٹیفکیشن ہوا ہے کہ اُن کو بھی گروپ انشورنس ملے گی؟

    1. Muhammad Osama Bin Shakeel · Edit

      Is this policy applicable to Federal Employees who have served for 60years and currently receiving pension?
      Or this is only applicable to one who died after retirement
      Please reply

      Muhammad Osama
      [email protected]


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