Free Download Family Pension Book in Urdu

Now you can Free Download Family Pension Book in Urdu. This Urdu family Pension Book has been compiled by Mr. Agha Amir, who has served retired employees for a long time.  The contents of this book are as under:

Free Download Family Pension Book in Urdu


You will read in the Urdu language the various terms and explanations in connection with Family Pension. Most of the readers have read the details in English, but I am sharing the family pension details in the Urdu language. This will really help the readers who are not much aware of English. I hope after reading the details they will understand the concept of a family pension.


  • What is Family Pension?
  • Missing Pensioners
  • Gratuity inclusion in the Pension
  • Duration of Service for Pension
  • Are All heirs included in Family Pension
  • Which relatives are included in Family members?
  • Priority of Members
  • First Type of Members
  • The second type of Members
  • One after the Other Priority
  • Application for Family Pension
  • Pension through Bank
  • Amount of Pension
  • Medical Allowance
  • Medical Allowance on Pension Restoration
  • Group Insurance
  • Lump Sum Grant from Benevolent Fund
  • Monthly Grant
  • Grant to other Family Members
  • Other Grants from Benevolent Fund
  • Death due to Martyred
  • Grants from Government

Details of Grants from Government


  1. Lump sum Grant
  2. Waive of Government Advances
  3. Land for House
  4. Free Education to Children


Download Pension Book in Urdu


Free Download Family Pension Book in Urdu

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  1. Aoa sir step brother apny brother ke family pension la skta ha uske death k bad jo k disable hai or inke mother ik he hai plzz sir detail bta dain shukria….


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