Notification of Conversion Government Guest Houses (Rest Houses) into Tourists Resorts

Government of the Punjab, Local Government & Community Development Department has issued Notification on 06-03-2019 in connection with Conversion Government Guest Houses (Rest Houses) into Tourists Resorts. Detail is as under:

Please refer to this department`s letter No. SO.Estate(LG)2-18/2016 dated 06.02.2019 on the subject noted above whereby minutes of the first meeting of review of implementation committee for conversion of government guest/rest house into tourist resorts containing following important decisions for respective necessary action, were circulated vide letter referred above:

  1. All the Guest/Rest Houses available with the various government department/agancies will be opened for public within one month;
  2.  The ownership and possession of the Guest/Rest Houses would remain with the respective departments for the time being;
  3. The first right of usage of Rest Houses would remain with the respective department. However, during the available period, the facility should be made open to the public for reservation and stay;
  4. The TDCP would prepare necessary SOPs to run and operate these Guest/Rest House in a befitting manner and communicate the same to all concerned departments/agencies within one month;
  5. In-house Committee should be made by the respective departments, who would determine the Room Rent and other modalities for reservation to public. Those committees would evaluate the Guest/Rest Houses for their renovation and up-gradation keeping in view the requirement of the users.   
  6. The list of all available Rest/Guest Houses would be placed on the Web Sites of the respective department alongwith detail regarding Room Rent, available facilities, contract person with Phone Nos. for booking. The same information would be provided to TDCP for placing it one the Web Site of TDCP; and.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Conversion Government Guest Houses (Rest Houses) into Tourists Resorts.

Conversion Government Guest Houses
Conversion Government Guest Houses into Tourists

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