How to Play Retro Games on Your Gadget

How to Play Retro Games on Your Gadget?


Ask any gamer and the vast majority will agree that some of the best games ever made were created ages ago. Many of these are so outdated that the gaming platforms and consoles they were made for are no longer in production. This leaves users with the option of searching and potentially paying for a pricey retro gaming console that has no real guarantee of its authenticity or its actual working order. Not only can that be a costly solution, but it is also beneficial only for a particular set of games. So what can an avid gamer do? Here’s a quick rundown of accessories and a Gamulator option that’s worth looking into.


How to Play Retro Games



Loads of old games have been rebooted for use on Android and on iOS devices. The newer versions have crisper images, cleaner graphics, and a soundtrack that’s more extensive than the originals. That being said, playing on a touchscreen phone sort of diminishes the retro appeal, to make gaming all the more enjoyable, players can pick up a “plug and play” joystick. Built with a suction cup on the base this handy little doodad attaches and detaches easily onto the screen. There is no need for special cables or adhesives, simply stick the joystick onto the corresponding controls and you’ve got yourself a phone or tablet worthy of an arcade feel.




Retro Controllers


Since not all games run on the arcade stick and button set up, a retro controller might just be what you need. Gamers who have gone through some NES will find these controllers reminiscent of that system. Designed to easily fit in a player’s hand, these rectangular game gadgets have a set of arrow buttons and the standard A, B, C, D buttons to get those combo moves executed. In place of cables that connect the controller to a console, these nifty little gamepads connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Besides the boxy controller, gamers can also easily find PS3 controllers that hook up to your Android unit. Pretty cool but still has its limitations, right?




Game Emulators

While the two previous options are a visually appealing walk down memory lane, they do have their obvious drawbacks. There’s the additional cost of purchasing devices that may not work for all games, not to mention the added accessory you will be toting around with you. Thankfully, there is one more option and it is to utilize a gaming emulator. The great thing about emulators is that it works for both old and new games. Any game you want to play on your current system is now possible just by running it through a gamulator.


Game emulators are not a new concept, they have been in existence for some time now. As the name would indicate an emulator works to emulate a particular video game’s console hardware, thus allowing users to play older games or any game on their chosen gadget. Typically emulators come with additional features and functions that overtake the restrictions of the game’s original hardware. For the game data and code to work a ROM file (data copy of a game cartridge) is needed. A reliable emulator provider should have a library of working ROM files for gamers to access. That said, a gamulator is clearly the winning choice amongst the ones listed. There’s no additional hardware or accessory needed, just some software and you’ve got unlimited games you can easily access at the palm of your hands.



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