District Wise Initial Stage Data for Rationalization of School Teachers at Primary Level

It is to share here that initial stage data for the rationalization of Punjab Government schools at primary level have been created. The statement is based on the dated 14-10-2019. This data is still to be further processed and required to be verified. The detail of this data is as under:


Initial Stage Data for Rationalization (Primary Schools Deficiency)


The lists of the Government primary schools has been shown where there is requirement of more teachers and these schools are facing deficiency of teaching staff.  According to the data shown the department require more 6234 teachers in these primary schools. You can check the latest updates of rationalization of school teachers at any time for your info.


District Wise Initial Stage Data Deficiency

List of Primary Schools With Surplus Teachers


There are also a number of primary schools where there are surplus teaching staff that is to be shifted to those schools where there is deficiency. According to the data there are 16874 surplus teachers in Punjab Government Primary Schools.


Initial Stage Data for Rationalization


Net Initial Data


We take the net initial data then the value is as under:

Schools with Surplus Teaching Staff = 16874 teachers

Schools with Required Teaching Staff = 6234 teachers

Total Surplus Teachers = 10640 teachers


If we look at the initial data of teachers then there will be no more requirement to recruit the educators in Punjab Government schools. However we cannot say the final position of the states of the staff. Lets wait for the finalization of the process.




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