Request For Upgradation the Post of Library Assistant

The article covers the request for Upgradation the Post of Library Assistant in various departments of the province of Sindh. You can read the details as under:

Request for Upgradation of post having nomenclature of Library Assistant BPS-13 in Department of Culture Tourism & Antiquities Department, Government of Sindh. It is stated that Library Assistant BPS-13 in Directorate General Culture Sindh having nomenclature of Assistant with the addition title in different basic pay scales; the sanctioned strength thereof is given below: Library Assistant BPS-11/13 Sanctioned Strength 02/12 2.

It is pertinent to mention here that the post of Assistant in all the Departments was initially in BS-11, which was later on Upgradation in 14 and recently the same has been upgraded in BS-16 dated 04th August 2016. Although, the nature of work as well as job description of all the above posts is almost same as that of Assistant in other Departments, who have already been benefited by granting BPS-16, however these posts are still in the same scale since 1989. Moreover, either these posts are isolated having no further scope of the promotion or a very little chance of promotion. Therefore requested that the above posts may also be upgraded in BPS-16 as that of the post of Assistant in other Departments. It is requested that kindly consider our request.

The Article by: Mr. Muhammad Younis


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Upgradation the Post of Library Assistant

upgradation library assistant


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