Notification of SOPs for Bicycle Riders in Karachi Division

Commissioner Karachi Division Karachi has issued Notification on 05-05-2020 in connection with Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for Bicycle Riders in Karachi Division. The details of the same are as under:

Keeping in view the positive trend of cycling in the city of Karachi, it has imperative that the following SOPs are followed by the bicycle riders:


SOPs for Bicycle Riders in Karachi Division


  1. Check your equipment. Before riding, inflate tires properly and check that your brakes work.
  2. Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet to protect your head and save your life.
  3. Maintain social distancing when riding in a group.
  4. If you have to ride at night, wear something that makes you visible (neon, fluorescent, bright colours, or wear something on clothes that reflects light, such as a reflective tape).
  5. Make sure you have reflectors on the front and rear of your bicycle in addition to reflectors on your headwear or tires.
  6. Control your bicycle, Always ride with at least one hand on the handlebars. Carry any other items in a bicycle carrier or backpack.
  7. Watch for and avoid hazards such as potholes, broken glass, gravel, puddles, leaves, and animals. All these hazards can cause a crash.
  8. Go with the traffic Flow, Ride in the extreme left lane of the road in the same direction as other vehicles. Go with the flow – not against it.
  9. Obey all traffic laws, A bicycle is a vehicle and you’re a driver. When you ride in the street, obey all traffic signs, signals, and lane markings.
  10. Be predictable, Ride in a straight line, not in and out of cars, Signal your moves to others.
  11. Stay alert at all times. Use your eyes and ears. You need your ears to hear traffic and avoid dangerous situations; don’t wear a headset when you ride.
  12. Look before turning, when turning left or right always look behind you for a break in traffic, then signal before making the turn. Watch for left – or right-turning traffic.

All riders are required to follow the SOPs, any violation will make them liable to be prosecuted under the relevant traffic laws.

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Bux Saleem Khaskheli for sending a copy of the Notification of SOPs for Bicycle Riders in Karachi Division.


SOPs for Bicycle Riders in Karachi Division



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