Approved IBCC Promotion Guidelines for Metric and Intermediate Students

IBCC Promotion Guidelines for Metric and Intermediate students approved by Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference have been issued by the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad.  The details of the same promotion Rules for the Students in Board Classes are as under:


A meeting of Provincial Education Ministers was held today May 14, 2020, in which important decisions were taken regarding 9,10,11,12 class students. It may be emphasized that the National Coordination Committee chaired by the Prime Minister and in which all provincial chief Ministers took part had already decided to cancel the exams of classes 9 to 12. Today’s meeting was in regard to the promotion criterion and dealing with all categories of questions arising out of the cancellation decision. The following decisions were arrived at unanimously:


IBCC Promotion Guidelines for Metric and Intermediate Students


Main you can divide the whole policy into five categories as under:




All Grade 9th and 11th students are to be promoted to grade 10th and 12th respectively. This will allow 100% of regular and private students of the 9th and 11th grades to advance to the next level.




Students promoted to grade 10 and 12 will not take a composite exam in 2021. Thus they will not be taking grade 9 and 11 exams but only of grades 10 and 12. The grade 9th and 11th scores will be calculated based on their grade 10th and 12th performance in 2021.




Grade 10th and 12th students, who have passed all subjects required in grade 9th and 11th, will pass grade 10 and grade 12 exams based on their Grade 9th and 11th performance. This will cater to the vast majority of students. All these students will get an additional 3% added to their total based of the previous exam.




The remaining students appearing in grade 10th and 12th examinations who have failed up to 40% of the Grade 9th and 11th subjects will be awarded passing marks.


CATEGORY 5 (Special Examinations)


A special examination will be held between September and November for the following categories.


  1. Those not satisfied with their grade 11 result and want to improve by taking the grade 12 exam.
  2. Those who were taking the composite exam and had no grade 11 results to rely on.
  3. Those wanting to appear in additional subjects.
  4. Those who failed in more than 40% of the subjects in grades 9 and 11.


Exam Fees Adjustment


The exam fee of these students will be re-adjusted in the special exams.


Transcripts and Certificates


The scores of individual subjects for part II (both theory and practical) will not be mentioned in the transcripts. Only an aggregate score out of 1100 and an overall grade based on the aggregate score will be awarded to the students for the qualifications.

. The Boards should mention in the transcript and in the certificate that the marks awarded for part II is the best prediction of the Performance and has been awarded based on the formulae and guidelines approved by the government and recognized by IBCC.

Grade 10th and 12th students who may wish to sit in the special examination for any reason may inform their respective boards by July 1, 2020. These students will be awarded results transcripts or certificates after the special examination.


Approved IBCC Promotion Guidelines for Metric and Intermediate Students


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