No Need of Exercise or Fad Diets to Lose Weight; A Gift for Employees

Many employees will be worried about their day by day increasing weight and hence want a solution without taking any exercise or fad diets to lose weight. Many employees have to go to work early in the morning and have to come back late in the evening. They have not much time to take regular exercise and even they cannot use proper food. Most of the employees have to use the same type of food as lunch at the office as it is mostly seen.


Now Employees No Need of Exercise or Fad Diets to Lose Weight

I have written this special article on the request of many employees. Many of the employees requested to share the formula or method for their weight loss. They complained that due to sitting work at the office for hours their body weight has increased much. I always try the employees to help them in many ways so I decided to share for them this issue too.


Employees and Their Meal Routine


As I mentioned above, many employees have not a proper routine for their meal. Sometimes, they are in a hurry in the morning and sometimes they are late at home. Some employees due to financial are forced to eat the cheap and the same food at lunch. Many of the employees are back at home late at night having not much time for a night walk. There are so many issues, most of the employees face. A number of employees due to the above-said issues are gaining bodyweight with the passage of every day. The nature of the work of most of the employees is that they have to sit on the chair during all duty time. This is also the cause of the increase in weight.


Simple Solution of Weight for Employees


Do You Think! You can lose weight without taking exercise or fad diets? Yes, you no need of Exercise or Fad Diets to Lose Weight.

Yes here is the way!

Exercise is not easy for everyone. Maybe an employee has an injury or medical restriction or under medical treatment. Some persons have a bad experience with exercise so they hesitate to take exercise. Here are some simple ways which you can adopt to lose your weight by half in 2020 without exercise and fad diets.


  1. Don’t fill your plate.


You should divide your plate into three portions. One portion fills with salad, other with protein, and the third one with carb. You can change the diet plan but divide it sharply.


No Need of Exercise or Fad Diets to Lose Weight; A Gift for Employees


  1. Don’t Use Oil.


No Need of Exercise or Fad Diets to Lose Weight; A Gift for Employees

You should use ghee, coconut oil, or real oil instead of oil to cook your food.


  1. Avoid Sugar and Carbohydrates


Packed food or instantly cooked food like burgers or fries contains sugar. You may eat fruits instead of fast food. Reduce having rice as much as you can in your meals. Always try to use a balanced diet and avoid such foods that cause you to increase body weight.


  1. Drink More Water as usual


Extra use of water can lose your weight. If you feel hungry, you can drink a glass of water before eating. Drink water as much as you can.


5-  Mixture of Lemon and Semi hot water


You can use a mixture of Lemon and Semi hot water in the morning before a minimum of half an hour of your breakfast. It really works. If you are unable to take exercise a simple walk can add more results in the process of weight loss. You can mix some honey too if you want.


  1. Simple LifeStyle


You can lose weight with a simple lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Eat wisely, drink softly, think sharply, Walk slowly, Work hardly make you healthy and wealthy.


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