Notification of Eid Bonus 2020 to GHC & NTDC Employees

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GENCO Holding Co.Ltd has issued Notification on 24-07-2020 in connection with Eid Bonus 2020 to GHC. In the same way, National Transmission & Despatch Company Limited has also issued Notification on the same date regarding Eid-Bonus on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha 2020.


Eid Bonus 2020 to GHC Employees

Reference Company Secretary (GHCL) letter No. GHCL/CS/BOD/1/3186 dated 24.07.2020.

Considering the tough conditions being faced by employees of GHCL & GENCOs due to the Pandemic (COVID-19) coupled with financial sufferings and in recognition of the services of GHCL & GENCOs employees when every employee was exposed to potential threat due to COVID-19 and even by observing the requisite safety protocols, the employees fulfilled their core responsibility to maintain and keep the Power Houses ready for operation and Subsequent operation of the Thermal Power Houses during the power crisis situation in the country, the Board of Directions of GHCL has approved hardship allowance as under:-

“RESOLVED THAT payment of ‘Hardship” equal to one month running basic pay to all the employees of GENCO Holding Company Limited having financial implication of Rs 5.0 million be & is hereby approved.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT recommendation be & is hereby conveyed to the Board of Directors of GENCOs for grant of “Hardship Allowance” equal to one month running basic pay to all the employees of GENCOs”.


Eid Bonus 2020 to GHC

The Board of Directors through a resolution by circulation No.412 has resolved and approved the payment of Bonus to NTDC Employees on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, 2020 as per the criteria.



NTDC Employees Eid ul Azha Bonus 2020

Special thanks to Mr. Chuhdary Ahmad who sent a copy of the Notification of the Hardship Allowance / Bonus to the concerned employees.



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